Second Murder Threat for Queen Fabiola

  July 18, 2009 at 1:47 pm by

On Wednesday, the redaction of the newspaper La Dernière Heure received a new letter containing a murder threat aimed at Queen Fabiola of Belgium, the second letter in two months. The letter was dated 2 July, but since Emanuelle Preat, the one at whom the letter was adressed, had been absent, it hasn’t been read before Wednesday.

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Again the letter was written in bad French, full of spelling mistakes. The writer threatens again to kill the Queen-widow during the military defilé of the 21 July celebrations. This time, the letter contains other ridiculous allegations.

According to the writer, the Queen has poisoned her late husband, King Baudouin, and she is responsible for his death. Also, the Queen is accused of having paid 6 million EUR to the Vatican, so she can have the privilege of embracing Jesus’ feet in heaven, and he also accuses her of being too chummy with several dictators from around the world (as he did in a previous letter).

According to the writer, the Queen, on her frequent visits to Lourdes, would beat people with her walking stick so they make way for her, so she can drink a glass of the Holy water, in front of all the ill people there. She is also accused of beating children on their bottoms with that walking stick to make them say their prayers better.

The writer doesn’t only threaten to kill the Queen with a crossbow, but now says that two bombing cars will also be used.

However, Queen Fabiola has a chance for redemption. If, among other things, she distributes a sum of 10,000 EUR among the public at the Défilé, if she asks for forgiveness on her knees in front of everyone, and if she pays 5 million EUR to Unicef, she might live.

As a reaction the security services have decided to bring Queen Fabiola to the 21 July defilé in a closed car. There will also be over 100 extra police officers, many of them incognito, walking through the crowds during the festivities.

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3 Responses to Second Murder Threat for Queen Fabiola

  1. sgl says:

    Poor Queen Fabiola! This writer of this letter sounds like a complete whack-job.

  2. tara says:

    When I read this article I started laughing It just goes to show you what types of people are out there that might try to cause harm to people they do not know. I am sure that if this person had meet her in person (out on the streets) he would probably like her unfortunely this person is unstable and though I found it to be humorous the threat. Should be taken seriously.

  3. Angela says:

    Why threaten to kill an old lady, even if she’s a Queen? Not only does the letter writer sound wacko but he/she makes the Queen sound crazy as well.

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