Koningsdag 2014-2024

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Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane will not participate during this event.


Quite understandable IMO. Kingsday with 1000s of over enthousiastic people screaming for photographs, handshakes and expecting you to join & like each and everything in the programme may be a bit much for small children.

Around 10 members of the RF are expected to attend. So I assume it will be the king, queen, and princes Constantijn, Maurits, PC and Floris + spouses. I am not sure about Anita since she seems to still have some problems with walking.

The traditional Queensday concert at Noordeinde palace has been changed. This time the concert will be in Haarlem.

It will probably be the last King's Day in this style. Next year another format wouldn't be too surprising. The security costs have become very high.
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Prof van Vollenhoven told 'Blauw Bloed' that he will be attending this kings day too. As he says they want to 'close this way of celebrating this day together'. So I suppose that leaves the door open to Beatrix participating too.

It is quite clear that next year will be a different concept. I can't imagine they will be walking around in a village/city anymore. The security costs became too high. Perhaps a concert on an alternating town square each year.
I could imagine with the children and the big family the former idea of the 'defile' (at Soestdijk) was probably easier to handle. I don't think that'll ever come back though :flowers:
I don't think a defile will be reintroduced again either. At least not of the RF sitting on a platform with 'the people' passing and putting flowers at their feet.

According to the governor of the province of Noord-Holland, the entire RF will attend except Princess Mabel. Even Beatrix, Pieter, Margriet, Bernhard (!) and Annette. Nice that they can finish this style of the national day with each other.
I can understand all the security issues in today's world. But the Defiles in the past are a pleasure to see on YouTube. The Defile of 1969 shows an adorable Prince Wilhelm kissing Prince Maurits on the forehead. And 1976 has all the little cousins...so adorable.
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I love the fact, that the first koningsdag happens at my birthday.

And it is so good to see Prince Bernhard.
The girls are fenomenal...cute good surprise
I don´t know if my dutch is good enough, but I understood Prince Floris saying to a reporter that this was the last King´s Day in this particular way...?! (he was asked if he was sorry that this is the last time)
I think the format introduced during Beatrix´reign was a very democratic one, so to speak. Everyone present was, more or less, able to mingle with the Royals and to join in.
I wonder how they will do it in the future without letting a feeling comin´up of "they-behind-the-barrier-and-us-over-here"?
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The fact that the 3-A's were there was a big surprise to everyone apparently...the commentators had just mentioned that it was about time that Amalia should be introduced as the next-in-line. Different from the other european RF's the 3-A children are kept very much out of the public eye, so the general public don't really know them and have some difficulty in remembering who is who...(not helped by the fact that when they do appear in public they were the same outfit)
So hopefully in the next years we will see more of them...
Indeed a very lovely surprise to see the little princesses.

And as always it's fun to see the spontaneous Van Vollenhove family.
Princess Annette especially, she participated in a few games and won some!

I always love the little interviews they give during the walkabouts.
A pity Beatrix didn't give one or did no one dare to ask her?

Now I am curious to know what format they will use for the next King's Day.
When will that be announced? When were the places announced where the next Queen's Day would take place?

They launched their facebook page today! https://www.facebook.com/hetkoninklijk.huis
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The Dutch royal family looked great. It is great to see Princess Beatrix undertaking the engagement.
Thank you for all of the photos and videos. I was delighted to see Prince Bernhard there today. I'm sorry that this will likely be the last year for this type of King's Day event, but I understand the rising cost of security is an issue.

A great surprise to see the AAA team out with their parents, grandmother and family.

P.S. I think it was lovely that the Duchess of Cambridge stopped in Amsterdam to lend Princess Anita her wedge sandals. Lovely example of cooperation between the Windsors and the Oranges. ;)
fantastic pics of the first king's day! lovely to see the AAA team out and about. they look so charming and grown up! and what can i say about maxima apart from that she looked lovely in that dress! but mainly that she won me over the pics of her playing hockey...

and of course, congrats to WA+Maxima on their first anniversary as king and queen.
Thank you all for sharing the photos of the first Koningsdag. :flowers: It was nice to see the AAA's there as IIRC they weren't originally going to attend. Amalia looks lovely, Alexia looks delighted to be there and Ariane has grown up a lot! She's adorable.

It's also nice that we got to see the other Dutch Royals, I'm pleased to see Bernhard there - does this mean that he's recovering? I do hope so. On another note, I love this photo of Constantijn and Laurentien.

CASSARD, I don't think Mabel was there. You can tell in this photo: group photo of Dutch Royals and description of who was there.
Really nice that the princesses attended. All three of them stuck to their mother like glue & for good reason. Their dresses were lovely, but tI think that thye start to be a bit too old for identical dresses.

The best thing was of course to see Prince Bernhard and Princess Annette. Wonderful that he recovered and was well enough to attend. His wife seemed very cheerful.

About Anita and her wedges: she has had some difficulties with her spine and I noticed she had difficulties in walking as well. Maybe she chose those for the simple reason of being more comfortable?

Next year: two journalists discussed it on tv on Friday and they came to the conclusion that the court hasn't made a discission yet. However, yesterday prince Maurits told one of the reporters that he didn't think it needed to be changed at all. The king said something simular in Amstelveen: 'why change a winning formula'. And TBH I wouldn't know how it should be changed either. The idea is that the RF comes to a town to celebrate the day with them... What are the options? Esp. since it is a morning event:

- Militairy parade: out of the question.
- Defile a la Juliana: not likely, too feudal and always in the same city.
- A concert (in a stadium): not likely. Too expensive, in the evening and the kingsday concert has been changed this year already. Why have two concerts?

So I think that in priniciple they are stuck with the present form. But perhaps with some changes: visiting one city, come wth a smaller group of people and perhaps focus on more events on a square. This will reduce the security costs.

Now the question of the day was: did the mayor of Amstelveen touch the Queens behind or not?
De Graaf: herken me niet in filmpje - NOS Nieuws

The mayor denies that he did & claims there was at least one centimeter between the hand and the Queen.

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OMG! How tasteless...:ermm:


The Royals themselves seem to enjoy it. The cafe has done these jokes for 18 years already. Once they put Prince Claus in an Elvis costume of the facade. Apparently the prince could laugh at the joke, it was said that he wore an Elvis suit for a day.


Other examples:
Koninginnedag - Fotoboek - De Blaffende Vis - Amsterdam - Kroegenweb.nl

The joke this year has to do about the mistake that everybody still makes. Most people still refer to Queensday instead of Kingsday. Máxima however takes charge and kicks away the absolete letters, changing Queensday in Kingsday.

1.7 million people watched the NOS broadcast.
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:previous: OMG they are so funny!

I will admit...at first I thought the Maxima as Miley was tactless but than I realized 1) unlike Miley she is fully dressed and 2) this is something that has been done before based on your post.

My favorites from the past....Maxima as a DJ and Daddy Cool with W-A and the Triple AAA's!

It was lovely to see everyone....especially Bernhard and Amalia, Alexia and Ariane. I thought with W-A becoming King we would just see him, Max, the girls, and Princess Beatrix...mainly members of the Royal House and not the Royal Family.

Anway it was great to see everyone!
The Royals themselves seem to enjoy it. The cafe has done these jokes for 18 years already. Once they put Prince Claus in an Elvis costume of the facade. Apparently the prince could laugh at the joke, it was said that he wore an Elvis suit for a day.

Well, I think Elvis is a different matter. But this is beyond a mere joke. It´s a sexual provocative image (everyone agreed on that when Miley C came up with that video). King´s Day is a festivity for all dutch people, also for small children.
I know that nowadays nobody seems to care about something like that as we live in a highly sexualised society where even obscenity is mutually accepted.
I also strongly disagree on portaying a lady, who´s a Queen and should be a person of respect ( no matter how much "down-to-earth" and accessible she is) this way! I´d be appalled to be photoshoped like this without my knowledge.
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