The Royal Family of The Netherlands, Current Events Part 4 (May 2013 - present)

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King Willem-Alexander and Princess Margriet received the medal winners of the Winter Paralympics 2022 in Beijing at Noordeinde Palace this afternoon, March 15:

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Princess Beatrix and Princess Mabel virtually attended the presentation of the 8th Prince Friso Engineering Award 2022 today, March 16:

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This year a new award, the 'Student Team Award', was also introduced in addition to the Prince Friso Engineering Award. Princess Mabel explained that it was important to her husband to stimulate and acknowledge young people. He believed that they could be very innovative (see Linda; in Dutch).
The award was handed to Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, exiled leader of the Belarus opposition. She won the 2020 elections by a landslide but was kicked out by Lukashenko's troops, wit the help and support of the Russians.
Princess Margriet attended the national final of the Princess Christina Classic Competition at the Amare theatre in Den Haag today, April 23. Bernardo Guillermo, son of late Princess Christina, and Prince Jaime attended as well.

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Not sure where to post this. The television program 'BOOS' has researched shortcuts of members of the royal family in the army. Apparently the defence department adapts its own rules and requirements to accomodate members of the royal family.

The show will discuss the carreers of Pieter van Vollenhoven, Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Lucas van Lippe-Biesterfeld (son of Prince Maurits). The latter went to the militairy academy right after finishing his secundairy school in 2020. Within 11 months -instead of the usual 4 years- he was promoted and is now an officer. He served shortly in Iraq.

The defence minister, Kasja Ollongren, commented that members of the RF sometimes follow a 'special track'. The RVD speaks of a connection between army and family that goes back centuries.

The program will be posted on youtube tomorrow at 16:00.

Personal comment: although I can imagine a special trajectory for Pieter van Vollenhoven or Pieter-Christiaan I am puzzled why such an exception was made for Lucas van Lippe-Biesterfeld. Perhaps there is more to the story which we don't know but I can't see why this would be a desirable route to take, esp. if he intends to stay in the army.

It *could* be that he is the only one of the new generation who has an interest in it? And they needed him to be made an officer so in the future Pss Amalia can send a relative to military events? In the same way that Prince Maurits or Prince Pieter-Christiaan sometimes represent the King? I find it hard to imagine what else would justify an exception, tough if that had been the case one could have expected this to be announced. From the articles it is unclear if Lucas still is in the army or if this was intended as a one-year 'special track', before another study.
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A quite damning accusation imho. And I was also surprised by the quick promotion of Lucas van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven. He is indeed probably the only one in his generation interested in a military career (I had no idea that he was in the army) - but even if so, there is no need to rush him through the process as it will be many years from now that Amalia might need him in some military capacity.

However, the most concerning part to me seemed the undue influence Pieter-Christiaan exercised to influence promotions (after promising that it would be arranged). The fact that even the HR-department of the Ministry of Defense called him out suggests that he was truly misusing his position.

Note: I didn't watch the documentary, so the above is based on this NOS-article).

The minister of Defense admits that an exception was made for Lucas but that no concessions were made with regards to safety and quality. She stressed that it is important that trajectories can be customized based on 'special expertise' which should be explained openly and transparently (which they haven't done imho). Lucas' 'special expertise' seems to have been that he is the great-grandson of queen Juliana/a first cousin once removed of king Willem-Alexander.
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King Willem-Alexander and Prince Pieter-Christiaan attended the official celebration of 425 years of Customs civil service in Katwijk this afternoon, June 14:

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Is this the first time we are seeing photos of the inside. I can't recall seeing photos of the inside before.
Yesterday, June 26, King Willem-Alexander presented Princess Mabel with the Grand Cross of the Order of the House of Orange "for her many services to the House". The decision had been released on June 16:

** Grootkruis in de Huisorde van Oranje voor Prinses Mabel **

Wow, what a nice and well-deserved honour to Princess Mabel.

By Royal Order of June 16, 2022, His Majesty The King granted Her Royal Highness Princess Mabel the Grand Cross of the House Order of Orange for her many services to the House. The decorations were presented to Princess Mabel on June 26th.
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A nice surprise to see the princess there, it was unexpected. It seems we do not have a photograph of the Queen during this event.
Given that she was received in the Council last December it makes sense for her to attend this dinner. And it's another good practice for next Tuesday in terms of making this more formal public appearances.

A nice surprise to see the princess there, it was unexpected. It seems we do not have a photograph of the Queen during this event.

This picture shows her from the back. She seems to be wearing a dark blue dress.
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HRH The Princess of Orange attended the dinner hosted by her parents for the Council of State last night at Noordeinde Palace.

This bi- annual event was the first since the pandemic,as well as the first ever attended by the Princess of Orange..

Amalia looked fabulous!
This afternoon, October 30, Princess Margriet as a member of the Committee of Recommendation of the Princess Christina Competition attended the jubilee concert on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the competition in Den Haag. She was accompanied by Princess Beatrix, Princess Irene, Bernardo Federico, Duke Carlos Javier, Prince Maurits and Princess Marilene:

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How wonderful to see the late Princess Christina's three sisters, her eldest son and one of her nephews attend this event together!
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