Princess Margriet & Prof Pieter van Vollenhoven, Current Events Part 4 (March 2018 -)

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Princess Margriet as a member of the Honorary Board of the International Paralympic Committee attended the 13th TeamNL Paralympic Talent Day at the Papendal Sports Centre today, April 23:

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Today, May 3, Princess Margriet unveiled a plaque at the Major General Koot barracks in Stroe in memory of the Canadian soldiers of the Liaison Service who fell in World War II.:

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Why does the plaque say "6 May 2020"? Was this a COVID postponement?

Well spotted! I couldn't find any information about it, but I think you could be right, that would make sense!

Here are some additional photos:

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The court does not provide an explanation and neither do the local newspapers, who seem to have copied the communiqué of the palace. It it was a COVID related postponement -which is indeed likely- I wonder why it was not inaugurated in May 2022, as most restrictions were lifted.
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It might have just been hard to re-coordinate with the Canadians, is my best guess.

It's just strange because I remember watching the Princess's lockdown/commemoration video from right about when this event was apparently supposed to be happening.
Yes that would be my guess too. I imagine one year ago it was still more complicated to plan due to restrictions in cross-atlantic travel. Apparently Canadian representatives were present: a delegation of 40 active Canadian servicemen.
Princess Margriet opened the new building of the residential care organization Huis ter Leede in Leerdam today, May 31:

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I've noticed Princess Margriet often wears that lace style of glove. Are those a fashion choice or are they supportive for her hands?
In the past she has had quite some trouble with her wrists, supposedly from shaking too many hands. So it could be that.
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In the past she has had quite some trouble with her wrists, supposedly from shaking too many hands. So it could be that.

Makes sense. They're such an unusual design, I figured they had some special purpose.
Yesterday, June 12, Princess Margriet visited the Toon Hermans House for cancer patients in Sittard on the occasion of its 25th anniversary:

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Princess Margriet and Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven attended the nautical demonstration day of the World Maritime Rescue Congress 2023 on board the ss Rotterdam today, June 18:

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Princess Margriet as Patron of the dance company Introdans attended the annual Introdans' performance END OF SEASON in Arnhem yesterday, June 24:

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Sounds very painful and wishing Princess Margriet a speedy recovery post rest and recuperation.
Due to not being able to attend as planned Princess Margriet has sent a video message for the opening ceremony of the European Para Championships yesterday, August 7.

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The Palace also announced today that she will attend some competitions instead and will be present at the launch of the Association of Dutch Paralympic Participants during the Sport NXT congress on August 17, see here.
Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven was present at part of the national opening programme of the Friends Lottery's Open Monument Day 2023 in Zwolle today, September 8:

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Today, September 20, Princess Margriet opened the 6th International Conference for Perianaesthesia Nurses (ICPAN) in Amsterdam, entitled 'The world starts outside your comfort zone':

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Princess Margriet as Patron of the Hoogstraat Friends Fund attended the charity gala of De Hoogstraat Revalidatie, the center for medical specialist rehabilitation in Utrecht this evening, November 3:

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Princess Margriet as Patron attended the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the KNCV Tuberculosis Fund in Leiden today, November 6:

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Any information about the Peter Stuyvesant Ball in NYC?
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