Death of Infanta Maria Adelaide de Bragança van Uden

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Maria Adelaide Manuela Amélia Micaela Rafaela de Bragança van Uden was born on January 31st, 1912 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France to Dom Miguel II Duke of Bragança and Princess Maria Theresa of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, her godparents where Dom Manuel II, King of Portugal and his mother Dona Amelia, Queen of Portugal. The Infanta passed away Friday February 24th, 2012, only 24 days after celebrating her 100th birthday.

The Infanta passed away peacefully in her home, where a private funeral mass was held. A special mass is to be celebrated remembering her life in the Monastery of Jeronimos in Lisbon on Thursday March 1st at 6 PM.

The Infanta was raised in Austria in relatively poor conditions during World War I where her family lived as common people, not as typical royals. When she was older she studied nursing in Vienna, where she lived during the time of the Nazi Invasion. The Infanta worked with the Nazi Resistance movement and also helped victims of the Nazi bombings, which caused her to be arrested by the Gestapo and sentenced her to death. Only with the help of Antonio Salazar, the Portuguese Prime Minister, was she set free as he declared her “National Heritage”.

The Infanta married Dr. Nicolas Van Uden on October 12th 1945, they had six children together: Adrian Sergio (b. 1946), Nuno Miguel (b. 1947), Francisco Xavier (b. 1949), Filipa Teodora (b. 1951), Miguel Inacio (b. 1953), Maria Teresa  (b. 1956), all with the surname “de Brangança van Uden”. The Infanta always spent her life helping others especially orphaned children and poor pregnant women, through her foundation “Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira” foundation.

On the day of her 100th birthday, she was conceded by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Cavaco Silva, the Civil Order of Merit in honor of her dedication and hard work for the help of other people.

The Infanta was the last surviving grandchild of King Miguel I of Portugal, and the last aunt of Dom Duarte Pio. Infanta Maria Adelaide is survived by her six children, 21 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

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7 Responses to Death of Infanta Maria Adelaide de Bragança van Uden

  1. tounarti saloua says:

    may god take her to heavean

  2. God grant her place amongst the Blessed.

  3. Evelyn Pelosi says:

    The tragic consequences of the fall of Monarchies after the First World War made it possible for the rise to power of dictators and the subsequent enslavement of the Christian people to the European Union. We honour the Princess Maria Adelaide of Braganca van Uden for her dedication and commitment for the well being of orphans and poor women.

    Europe will only become truly Christian again when Monarchy is restored to the countries whoses annointed Kings had so faithfully served the interests of their subjects. For Catholics the spear head of the Counter Revolution in defence of Christian civilization lies in Brazil and we give our allegiance to the Royal House of Orleans e Braganca – and the de jure Emperor being His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Luiz.

    Grant we beseech thee, O Lord,that the soul of the Princess Maria Adelaide may enjoy lasting glory in Thy presence through the intercession of – lORD

    Highness Prince


  4. Evelyn Pelosi says:

    We honour the memory of the late Princess Maria Adelaide of Braganca van Udden for her dedication to the well being of orphans and poor women.

    The tragic consequences of the loss of monarchies after World War 1 brought Adolf Hitler and other dictators to power – – and the creation of a political union of all countries to the European Union in order to destroy the Christian faith of its people.

    The spear head for the Counter Revolution in defence of Christian civilization lies in the Imperial and Royal House of Orleans e Braganca in Brazil whose de jure Emperor is His Imperial and Royal Highness Prince Luiz.

    I pray for the repose of the soul of the Princess Maria Adelaide. Rest in peace.

  5. helcio campos ribeiro says:

    May god be with you HSH princess Maria Adelaide.
    Condolencias a familia Bragança van uden
    From Brasil/helcio

  6. natalya says:

    Let heaven be the final stay for her blessed soul and body rest in peace.

  7. Daphne says:

    Long Live The Royals

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