Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 12: June 2017 - January 2018

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I like the dress but not the hat, it is a photo in PPE Agency it looks she did herself the hair! hum not good! but the rest it is nice
Not a bad dress, the overall makes up for it IMO. The shoes aren't pretty.
It's probably best she has that hat on. It's been pissing rain all day today here. I think she looks nice.
Fantastic dress. :flowers: Great to see her hair up in the weather.

Max, like Mathilde, can usually pull off those hats but this one is bad:sad:
Queen Maxima looked lovely today,nice soft colours suit her the best.This is one of her best outfits this week.
I like all except the hat, I hate this type of hats!
I like all except the hat, I hate this type of hats!

I think you mean the shape? It is a bit squat. For me, these drapey fabric hats always remind me of Quirrell hiding Voldemort. It quite puts me off my feed. I imagine her taking the hat off and Coco being revealed screeching "less is more!" ;)

I do love the colors of this outfit and the daring do to wear such a large bell skirt in horizontal stripes. She rocks the look. Max is wonderfully fearless and reminds us to take a darn risk every now and then. :flowers:
Prinsjesdag today and HM is drop dead gorgious...:flowers:
Very queenly look on Queen Maxima for Prinsjesdag,the jewels go perfectly with her gown.
The dress and the jewelry gorgeous, just that hat, as I said before I hate them, but mya be it is just me!!!!!
The hat is disappointing as this state occasion just screams out for grand formality with a striking hat in the absence of a crown or tiara. I am so glad there was no repeat of 2015 when there was nothing on the head whatsoever! The rest of today's ensemble is magnificent!
The outfit was perfectly fine but rather dull IMHO. I hoped for more but perhaps HM changed the initial outfit for this more somber color and a nice Taminiau dress is stored in the closet.

I was never a great fan of the laced flower patterns of Natan, this dress is no exception.

Nice to see the honeycomb necklace again though.
I agree with the posters noting that the hat added nothing to the otherwise elegant ensemble. The dress was perfectly tailored.
Beautiful dress (love the color), and gorgeous necklace. The hat is too informal for this ensemble, and her hair is a mess.
The gown is stunning. She looks incredible. Love her choice in color.
She certainly looks very beautiful and regal overall but the hat does detract from the entire look.
Notice when she tries tomraise her arm to wave? Not on the images above but on another blog. The whole dress hikes up and the sleeve becomes tourniquet tight. That is this signature style, not able to set in a sleeve properly, never enough give, something which takes skill. A disgrace. She wears the color well and the jewels make,the outfit. The hat is really ugly but she almost overcomes it.
Hat is horrendous. :sad:

But the gown is beautiful. And so is the necklace. :flowers:
This is not a great look for the event, the gown is dull and boring, it seems like it was decided on at the last minute and the hat, what hat, it looks like dishtowels wrapped around dirty hair ........ a very non polished look for someone who always excels at this event.

It's a recycled Natan combination she wore today:

** Australia, November 2016 **

Queen Maxima looked lovely today,nice soft colours suit her the best.This is one of her best outfits this week.
I love this and it is so very "Maxima" but the grey state gown is ill-fitted and the turban . . . well, maybe with daywear on a serious occasion . . . or burn it because it does her no favours. Okay, it's hideous!

Here she is, looking great in Natan today:

** Full view ** Full view 2 ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 ** Upper part 3 **

What a beautiful blue grey dress. Wouldn't have thought this shade of grey would look so good on her but it does. I'm not usually fond of Natan design but this dress fits Maxima perfectly and looks great for the event. And I'm in love with that brooch **sigh**
That turban hat of hers...must admit that at first I really disliked it because it looks kind of...oldfashioned...I guess, but its growing on me. I like that it matches her dress, her hair were lovely styled and at least its not something featherly or some silly fascinator!
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That is what I call a couture gown, handmade. Stunning!!!! Jewels are beautiful also. Max at her best IMO.
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