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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 1 of the thread for Queen Mary's Daytime Fashion!

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** Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 34: October 2023 - January 2024 **

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Queen Mary's dress was by Soeren Le Schmidt.
Queen Mary's dress was by Soeren Le Schmidt.

And sewn by Birgit Hallstein, who also sew Mary's Uffe Frank wedding gown.

A great look for her second wedding *to* Danmark.
Yeah, I think the choice of a white dress was intentional, even down to having the same woman sew both dresses. Even before we saw our first glimpse of her this morning, I thought in the back of my mind she'd wear white. After all, Frederik didn't become king because his mother passed. There's no mourning here. What's the opposite of black? White. That was my thinking, anyway.
She looked amazing! Just beautiful!
Such a lovely, graceful look from the new Queen. I love the ‘scarf’ aspect and the accompanying jewels coordinate beautifully. It doesn’t look fussy, and breathes class.
And sewn by Birgit Hallstein, who also sew Mary's Uffe Frank wedding gown.

A great look for her second wedding *to* Danmark.

That is wonderful! I love that subtle and symbolic detail - she became the Crown Princess of Denmark is a dress sewn by Birgit, and thus became Queen of Denmark in a dress sewn by her too. Lovely :flowers:
Queen Mary was very elegantly dressed today for her husband's proclamation as King. The white dress and her jewelry/accessories were a good choice.
Regal choice for the new queen. Jewelry perfect with it.
You can never go wrong with a white dress for a major event. It just stands out.
She looked absolutely elegant and stunning today. Exactly what I've come to expect from Mary.
Mary looked absolutely gorgeous. Perfection!
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She looked perfect! Beautiful dress!
I agree. I had high expectations to begin with and she surpassed them.;)

Me too. Our new Queen radiated elegance and class. Just the right amount of jewellry, and they are important pieces from that Coronation of so long ago in 1806.
I am just really happy for them and I am pleased I got to witness it live.
Lovely outfit, jewellery...sentimentality. I did wonder whether she and Queen Margrethe would wear hats.
Absolutely gorgeous- beautiful dress, jewelry, hair, makeup. I loved that she wore white and Isabella wore red!
I agree. I had high expectations to begin with and she surpassed them.;)

Mary does not disappoint,her outfit has been my favourite accession/Proclamation outfit so far.
The jewels too were perfect.
Another really wonderful outfit and colour on Queen Mary today!
That is also a stunning outfit today for Queen Mary
The color is gorgeous and she looks lovely! I do wish she’d picked a smaller/different hat so we could better see her face.
I'm thinking that Mary's style team have excelled so far and that she could well be the best dressed European consort!

The attention to detail with hair,gloves,jewels,hat makes such a difference,others could learn from the Danish queen.
The white outfit was perfect and Mary at her best.

The blue hat at the parliament was too big IMO
Just lovely! It's not just the dress or suit that make the look. It's the accesories and jewelry, and Mary is spot on.
The hat is identical to the kind she used to wear as a young Crown Princess, I didn't like that sort of hat then and I don't like it now.

The rest of the outfit and the colour is stunning, and she looks like a Queen.
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