Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 12: June 2017 - January 2018

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Gosh no coat or jacket in January?

Not a bad look on Queen Máxima for her 1st New Years appearance but the hair needs more attention.

Máxima was "delivered" by her Audi right before the door. (..)

When the Oranje Fonds or the UN is in play: forget any dresscode. Then Máxima will requests as little formality as possible. She wants to be "just the lady around the corner saying hello" and absolutely does not want volunteers from charities "dress up" because the lady patroness comes along.
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Well, it's kicky! I love the pattern and color. I think the fit iffy on top. I love a good wide leg pant. I even like a good cuffed pant - wide legged or not. But the balance between the top half and bottom half of this suit is not excellent on Max.
I'd like it on a tall, thin model but it just looks a bit silly as business wear.
And I just can't love any hat brim where the lady has to bend her head back to see the people. It always ends up looking like she is looking down her nose at the common person. Just my taste.
And good to see her out and about. In this case, I found the bugs amusing and then decided they made the earrings look like spider eggs. :lol:
what an ugly suit with an even uglier and too-big hat.
The hat does not work for this indoor event

and the "beetles" brooches are a no for me.

You took the words right out of my mouth, this is such an *Ugly* suit on anyone....she is getting worse as time goes by in her choices of clothing. I can't believe with all her money and time and help this is how she dresses. One positive thing, her hair.....at least if was up and not looking dirty and stringy like it normally does. Insects brooch's....are passe and the hat is way to big for she can't see where she is going or whom she is interacting with....:bang::bang::flowers:
i dont mind the suit,the jacket have funny cut but in general its fine to me,i dislike the hat for the first time maybe Maxima looks bad in one
I like the concept of this suit, I think the hat is a great choice with a flared trouser leg and I love the bugs! I'm a Max fan and generally like her look.

BUT----there is something about the tailoring on the trousers that is really bothering me and I can't figure out if the fit is off or the proportion in the design is off in the waist to crotch area----maybe both. I lay this at the feet of the designer---you are tailoring for a queen and its not too much of a task to flatter your client. :bang:
I'm not a huge fan of this suit from Maxima, the fact that the entirety of it is check makes me quite dizzy!
I don't hate this suit, but it seems badly fitted to me, especially the upper body. It's not as chic as the design supposed to be.

Now the bug brooches, EWWWW. I can deal with her diamond butterflies or dragonflies, but bugs and spiders are just gross. They really look like real bugs climbing on her shoulder.
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Every part (hat, suit, bag, shoes) is fine to me but they just don't go well with each other. And I personally extremely hate these bug brooches:bang:.
From all this i like only the HAT!!!
Máxima is hard on her way to become the worst-dressed female consort and her husband can use a look in the mirror as well. The Eikenhorst clan can make use of a hairdresser, a stylist, a nutritionist and a trainer.
Insect brooches are supposed to look like ther crawling. They have been made for over 100 years. I love it when they are done right like this.
I don't know who's advising queen Máxima's outfit choices but they really are doing a dismal job, the oversized hat was beyond dreadful.
I agree with carina_a that the suit doesn't fit her well. It could be quite stylish the proper tailoring.

The overall effect with the brooches AND the hat AND the eye catching suit is too much and kind of silly looking. Most times I think Maxima has the stature and the charisma to pull off more forward fashion looks but this is a mess.

The sad part is that it looks like her hair is very nicely styled underneath that umbrella of a hat!
I hate to admit this but I don't mind the bug brooches. I actually find them quite interesting. These ones I mean. Some of her massive ones are hideous. But I think she should have stuck with 1, multiple is just too much bugs. :D

The suit is horrible. Badly fitted. And the pattern makes me dizzy to look at.:sad:

I usually love a hat but this one is disappointing. The color is great and over all style. But the brim is way too over sized, looks like a child playing dress up. If the brim was a normal size, would be great.
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