Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 34: October 2023 - January 2024

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I think the color may be ‘laurel’.
Crown Princess Mary after Prince Christian's first attendance at the state council today:

** Full view ** Upper part **

Great look for Mary. These are not traditional autumn colours, but the simplicity of the lines and colour palette wins.
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Princess Mary , always on Point ! she looks lovely
A very elegant outfit, perfect.
Mary meeting Denmark's climate ambassador Tomas Anker Christensen yesterday, November 22, wearing black pants and a nice blouse:

** instagram gallery **
Not crazy about today's dress on Crown Princess Mary,its probably more practical given the wintry weather in Copenhagen.
This is one of my least favorite dresses that Mary has worn. I like the color but the style is not my cup of tea!
I love everything about this dress. The color, the tight waist and beautifully designed skirt as a contrast, the Nehru collar and the silk satin material. The addition of a brooch over the years is an added bonus, this one is the best.
Her hairdo is the only negative. Without going full updo, A low chignon would have been more elegant
Strict dress code for the receptions means we see repeated pieces - this one is well down the list of Mary's best gowns but right for the event
This dress isn’t one of my favourites, either, but I think it looks much, much better on her this year, and in the picture above from 2019, compared to earlier years. Maybe it’s just the angle and lighting of the different photos, but it seems to fit her very well now.
The fabric of this dress is what let's me down. The silhouette is nice for a court dress but the fabric and stitching makes for a wrinkled gown. A richer fabric would have been better.
This one is my last favouite of Mary's Courtdresses. The only thing what is good is the colour. She has much better ones.
Hard to believe the dress is 18 years old!
Crown Princess Mary has continuously been one of the best dressed royal ladies,an excellent style team and am sure will excel as Queen Consort too.
A few other consorts could take a leaf out of Mary's Style book.
Neither of those colours work or compliment each other ,the highlight today are that stunning pearl choker!
I find today her hair too drastic

Like the outfit though - I think this skirt is a better match with the jacket than the voluminous tulle one from previous years
The hairstyle is indeed scraped back in an unflattering way. The skirt is lovely but not with this top.
Is this gown recycled?
:previous: It's actually a skirt with a jacket. But yes, she wore it when photographed by Vogue Australia in 2016.

Don't see the issue people take with her hairstyle today. It's just a bun :ermm:
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