Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 12: June 2017 - January 2018

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I really like this look. I wouldnt have thought the black would work but it all fits together well. And she looks her usual cheerful self.
My only big wish for her.........get a Comb and use it! This is a queen with the worst head of hair out of all of them IMHO. You have access to any one who does hair, you can have a beauty shop in the palace and still this...not good looking at all!
I like both these summer looks and the shoes and the jewelry.
The yellow look is amazing. Beautiful color.
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Except the hair, she looks great. Love the shoes, the strappy sandals and the color
Love this look. Yellow is fantastic on her :flowers:

I do miss the stylish updo of two previous outings, and the hat of one though :sad:
Sensible shoes and an appropriate outfit for the event. Good that she tied her hair up as it was windy at the coast.
this is lovely outfit very suitable for the event ,i very much like the red touch and the hair
I am a sucker for a red shoe with a neutral outfit. Go Max. Bag helps, too.
Great outfit and love those shoes. Only thing is, the earrings? What are they? She can do without those and there must be something more appropriate then whatever.....
Few people can pull off those sleeves but Maxima definitely can. The color is lovely and I love the brooch added to it.:flowers:
well those sleeves are definitely silly on anyone but Queen Maxima

the dress suits her and the color too she loooks great.
Those sleeves are quite something! I think Maxima can just about get away with them because she's tall and statuesque. I do wonder what the people she's meeting with think sometimes. Especially when she's in a foreign country with people who presumably don't know how flamboyant and original her style is in general.
Good to see that purple flower brooch again. I can only recall it being worn once at Prinsjesdag.

The shape of the dress is a favourite. It is curious that she first wore two copies of the original by Natan/ Eduard Vermeulen, before she went for the original designer that she wore yesterday and in May. The crafmanship ofthis one is much betterthan of the Natan copies.
Max is towering over all the Mexican people LOL ...this dress is fantastic, I think only Max can pull it off though. Great jewelry, always loved that brooch and earrings!!!
The purple dress is stunning.
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