Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 12: June 2017 - January 2018

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pretty feminine look the skirt is very bautiful i love it.
the Queen looks perfect.
This is the Max I love :flowers: Except the hat. :sad: Like Mathilde she can pull off the style, but the color is off. And I do wish for proper.

But the skirt is stunning, I am in love. And the beautiful top. :flowers:

Her hair looks great up as well :)
The sleeves are a little puffy for my tastes (but Maxima can sure rock them!), but overall a great, casual, summer look. Her hair looks good, after some bad hair days lately. I believe the pants are the same ones she wore to the boating outing at the Norwegian 80th birthday celebration.

She and W-A always look so happy together!
Nice casual outfit,its true i never likee the ouffy sleeves but rhe overall look is fine here.
I like the look overall. Her hair is looking great and much healthier than it did awhile ago. Maxima and WA always look so happy and affectionate, (and he looks well put together today, too).
I like her very much! Beautiful casual look!
the top is repeated and i am not fan the pants isn't thatsbad but a miss-match.

Yes, it's a recycled Natan top, in June 2015 she wore it together with a skirt:

** June 2015 **
I like the colours but there's something about the print on Maxima's top that puts me off. It seems a bit much with the red trousers; I think.
I like the color of the pants and love them on someone who's tall and has long legs like Maxima. I'd like the top with different coloured pants, or even with denim for a more casual look but as is i think it's too much red.

Im glad she wore proper pants with this top. Lovely color on her.
Not a fan then and not a fan now of anything that she is wearing, and please run a comb through that hair ....
Given the sombre occasion,queen Máxima still managed to pull off a dignified and elegant look today.
Now this is so perfect on her, just perfect. A really nice dress for the occasion, simple and clean lines, her pearls are gorgeous, so today she hit a 10+ IMO. And a very nice hat......no stringy hair today, up and beautiful.
Elegant and regal. Well accessorized, especially hat. Perfect for event :flowers:
Maxima looks great. I normally wouldn't like her hat, but she manages to pull such hats off nicely.
She does have a knack for hats! I wouldn't like this one on anyone else but it looks great on Maxima.

She really does. I'm not a big hat person, but Maxima pulls off most of them very well. This is no exception.
Love the Pink Shoes. The black in the pattern ruins it for me
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