Dutch Royals Celebrate Koninginnedag

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The Dutch Royal Family yesterday celebrated the official birthday of Queen Beatrix, Koninginnedag, in the towns of Rhenen and Veenendaal.

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Queen Beatrix was joined by two of her sons and daughters-in-law, her sister, and nephews and their wives for the festivities. Only Prince Friso, Princess Mabel and Princess Anita were not in attendance. Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven was only present in Veenendaal. Upon arrival in Rhenen, school children from the area treated their royal guests to a rendition of ‘Welkom in Rhenen’ before presenting the Queen and Princesses with bouquets of flowers. Throughout the course of the day, the Royal Family participated in traditional games and events organised by the host towns in Utrecht.

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The Princes – Willem-Alexander, Constantijn, Maurits and Bernhard – took part in an aptly-coloured orange toilet bowl throwing contest (yes, you did read that correctly), while Princess Máxima and Princess Annette teamed up for soapbox car racing and Queen Beatrix was spotted a painting station. Princes Constantijn and Floris played football with some youngsters, while the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima did a tug-of-war.

Speaking to the crowds at the end of the day in Veenendaal, the Queen thanked the nation for their support in the past few months: “It is a pity and sad that our family isn’t complete today. But I’m very gratefull for all the warmth and wishes we have seen and heard here today, and I will pass it on,” in reference to Prince Friso’s skiing accident in February.

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Koninginnedag is traditionally celebrated on the birthday of the Sovereign, however, when Queen Beatrix acceeded the throne in 1980, she declared that the national holiday would remain on April 30th, the birthday of her mother, Queen Juliana. The Queen’s actual birthday is on January 31st.

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