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Dazzling became interested in royalty in the early 2000's with Queen Rania & then started to follow Princess Mary & Princess Letizia during their engagement and since then. She has grown to be interested and follow almost every reigning European royal house.


HereditaryPrincess is currently living in the United Kingdom. She has been interested in global royal families since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding in 2011, but she has had an interested in the British Royals since she was at primary (elementary) school. Her favourite royals are Elizabeth II, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.




JessRulz became interested in royalty, specifically those from continental Europe, around 2005. Historical royals from across European have contributed to her increasingly large online-book-buying addiction.


Lumutqueen is student in the United Kingdom, who has always been interested in royalty since a very early age. She believes strongly in the institution of Monarchy and that it shouldn't be replaced by a Republic. Favourite royal families include: Danish, Swedish, British and now Monaco due to the upcoming wedding.


MAfan is an Italian university student; his interest in royalty started when he was a child, by reading the biographies of Kings and Queens contained in encyclopaedias. Ha mainly follows the European royalty, and especially his interest lies on the Italian, Austrian-Germanic and BeNeLux royalty and aristocracy.


Marengo became interested in royalty after stumbling over a 2nd hand Almanach de Gotha in The Hague, somewhere in the 90-ties, and has been addicted ever since. He is mainly interested in the Benelux - and the non-reigning royal families.


Marika86 is a University student from Italy. She becomes interested in Royalty since was young, following the events of Princess Caroline of Monaco and with the tragic death of Princess Diana. She likes all the Royal Families but those that she follows the most are: the Danish, Spanish, British, Swedish and Dutch Royal Families.


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