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On Tuesday May 27, the engagement of Princess Noriko of Takamado and Mr Kunimaru Senge was announced by the Imperial Household Agency.

The couple plan to marry in the Japanese autumn, at the Izumo-Taisha, the grand shrine in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture. Mr Senge’s family manage the shrine, one of the country’s oldest. Mr Senge himself is a Shinto priest. The pair met in April 2007, when Princess Noriko visited the shrine.

Princess Noriko is the second of three daughters born to the late Prince Takamado and his wife, Hisako. Prince Takamado is a first cousin of Emperor Akihito. Of her daughter’s engagement, Princess Hisako said, “I hope Noriko will raise a loving and happy family and will adapt to a new life.”

Upon her marriage, Prince Noriko will lose her status as an Imperial Princess and will cease being a member of the Imperial House. She will become a commoner, known as Mrs Noriko Senge, as per Japanese tradition, in which Princesses leave the Imperial House upon marriage.

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