The Duchess of Edinburgh's Fashion and Style, Part 1: March 2023 -

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 1 of the thread for The Duchess of Edinburgh's Fashion and Style!

You can find the old thread here:

** The Countess of Wessex's Fashion and Style, Part 12: June 2022 - March 2023 **

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The coat is very nice and both it and the dress are lovely colors on her (that turquoise may be one of Sophie's best). I hate the sleeves, though.
The colour is gorgeous and suits her so well. But I think the lenght of the dress is a bit too much.
Sophie looks lovely (and very happy) in that blue dress.

Sophie's grey coat is lovely too.
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Lovely colour but the sleeves are horrible.
The coat is very nice and both it and the dress are lovely colors on her (that turquoise may be one of Sophie's best). I hate the sleeves, though.

Agreed. I love everything about her outfit, except the dress sleeves.
Sophie looks wonderful and the colour is amazing on her however, I know the slightly raised shoulder p ffs are becoming a "thing", but those sleeves look like a couple of bats hanging upside down.
I really liked Sophie's outfit and thought she looked lovely on her first outing as the Duchess of Edinburgh. I don't generally like big puffy sleeves, but somehow they seemed to work on this dress, and the color is gorgeous. Sophie was so radiant and happy. She truly seems ageless.
The Duchess (I'm never getting over her new well-deserved title!!!) looks absolutely radiant. And she's wearing her wedding earrings. :wub:

Edit: I was today years old when I found out the earrings were designed by Prince Edward himself, why is this couple SO CUTE!???
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The Duchess looks wonderful and that colour is really beautiful too!
Her wedding earrings match her outfit so well!
The hairstyle is perfect on her with the pillbox hat and ideal for the blustery weather conditions.
Yes, she’s look radiant.
A beautiful and regal outfit.
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Reminiscent of Jackeline Kennedy's clean and sharp Chanel looks.
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The Duchess of Edinburgh also attended the annual Commonwealth Day Reception at Buckingham Palace yesterday, but there’s no perfect photo of her look:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Sophie, our brand-new Duchess of Edinburgh was slow to establish her personal style but when she turned 40, we knew she had arrived! Ever since she has been a pleasure to watch and has done both her husband and his house, proud. This latest ensemble is quintessential Sophie proving yet again that blondes can look fabulous in cream.

Her choice of a cream ensemble with tiny touches of black is perfect, not too much yet not too little. I love the style of coat with and with its black buttons and her choice of a perfectly styled cream pillbox with a stylised black straw ribbon bow is echoed in the black edging on her cream handbag is a total winner. Her shoes are the perfect finishing touch, with her wedding earrings bringing the romance.

Really lovely outfit on the duchess,and the colours work very nicely.
The jacket is lovely and fits her perfectly. Such a pleasant change to see her in a fitted jacket rather than a coat that swamps her.
Very elegant and suitable for the event.
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Not keen on latest hat with this coat . It’s Spring so I wasn’t expecting she would opt for boots. But it has been chilly in the mornings in the UK despite the lovely sunshine.
I was about to ask is it the same design as that coat Kate wore to remembrance day last year, then I saw iceflower posted the photo from 2012! That's new to me.

The colour combination surprisingly works, but it does look like an Autumn look rather than a Spring one.
Sophie: please call the Mad Hatter. He wants his hat back asap.
I actually love the pink with the grey hat and boots and I think the hat is so unexpected and fun. Sophie and Beatrice were my best dressed of the day.
The Duchess of Edinburgh at the Easter Sunday service today, April 9:

** Full view ** Easter 2012 **

Although the pink coat fitted better eleven years ago, I think it's fantastic that Duchess Sophie is wearing a coat that is so old. Well done, YRH because being royal is an expansive job.
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