Charlotte Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam & Family Current Events Part 45: February 2022 -

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Jan 29, 2005
Charlotte Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam & Family Current Events Part 45: February 2022 -

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Welcome to part 45 of the thread to discuss the current events of Charlotte Casiraghi and her family.

You can find the old thread here:

** Charlotte Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam & Family Current Events 44: May 2019 - January 2022 **

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:flowers: Happy posting! :flowers:
I had not realized that Balthazar is so big now!
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I’ve been looking for a video of the latest literary rendez-vous, but I can’t seem to find it.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam, Chanel show 25 janvier 2022 Paris at 1.36 minute of the video
Charlotte has introduced today’s Philosophical Meeting „What are we playing? Perils, risks and pleasures“ at the Princess Grace Theatre in Monaco:

Charlotte looks great in those photos. Very elegant. I actually like what she is wearing for a change.;)
I wish I could understand French lol. Only some YouTube videos have English subtitles.

I love exploring new books so love listening to her recommendations.

Charlotte and Dimitri show that pda means nothing. You don't have to be constantly lovey dovey to show you have a happy marriage. Before I used to think they look miserable, there's no romance between them and I was shocked that this was the the one. But it goes to show how celebrities can fool everyone by being ott.
:previous: What?? No PDA between them?

You must have completely ignored the period they were dating, particularly their first summer together. Those two were photographed making out everywhere... the Pacha, on Pantelleria, in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean, in airport lobbies, at Dimitri's brother's wedding,the famous shot of them in Halloween costumes kissing on the street in Los Angeles during an outing with Darya and Rafael...some of their PDA actually made me blush.:ohmy::whistling:

It's only since the birth of their son and their wedding that they have cooled off off a bit with the PDA.
I think that was last summer on Pantelleria.
:previous: What an absolutely gorgeous couple!?

Dimitri is so handsome with his hair cut.
I. love the simple chic. gown really stylish quietly sophisticated

23.5.2022 Chanel dinner ahead of “Crimes of the Future” premiere in Cannes, France

Charlotte Casiraghi arriving at the Marriott Hotel for a party in Festival de Cannes - 23.05.22

other cutlery photos

Cannes 2022 : interview de Charlotte Casiraghi
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