Charlotte Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam & Family Current Events Part 45: February 2022 -

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I don't necessarily disagree, but on the other hand, I recall reading sometime in the distant past that Caroline intentionally chose to not have her Casiraghi offspring titled as princes or princess; if she had been highly social-class conscious, it seems as though she would have chosen differently.
Since I'm not an expert on Monagasque history, though, perhaps there is some stipulation that only offspring of the first-born son (Albert) is allowed to have his children titled -- so perhaps Caroline had no choice in the matter.

Since Caroline became mother (of Andrea) it was widely said that she intentionally choose not to give any title to her kids. I'm quite sure that Caroline herself said this in an interview, and in any case it was always clear that it her own decision and not a Monaco law.
Furthermore Alexandra is the only one who bears a royal title from her father. No idea if Caroline disagreed and it was EA decision. In any case he is the head of the Hanover royal family and he is solely entitled to decide.
Im any case Caroline being a wife and then a widow of Stefano Casiraghi, she used to live a very different life than then being a Royal Highness wife of a Royal Prince. She used to accompany EA to many royal events. So maybe her mind related to titles has changed.

Aristocratic or royal titles pass from father to children . So Caroline couldn’t pass the title to her kids but EA could pass his title to Alexandra.

The Sovereign Prince has full authority to regulate titles, as there are no restrictions stipulated in the Monegasque constitution. Either Prince Rainier III or Prince Albert II would have been legally allowed to title their grandchildren/nieces and nephews, if they so wished. Prince Albert II did confer titles on the late Princess Antoinette's son Christian de Massy (now Baron of Massy) and her grandson Jean-Léonard Taubert de Massy (now Baron Taubert).

In Germany and Austria, titles of nobility were formally abolished in 1919. In Germany, where they were converted into surnames and are widely used socially, Ernst August bears "Prince of Hanover" within his surname. This may be passed from parent to child, regardless of gender, even if most couples continue to follow the paternal naming convention.

Under German and Austrian law, Caroline and Ernst August would have had shared parental authority to choose which parent's surname their daughter would bear. However, at the time of Alexandra's birth, Monegasque law required children to bear their father's surname.
Prince Albert was the guest of honour at the closing debate of Charlotte's "Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco" yesterday, April 4:

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She sure looks happy and relaxed and he is more up her intellectual alley. I wish she would quit the modeling, I always thought that didn’t resonate
It does look like Charlotte is happy with her new partner, doesn't look as if she had a stessful separation with Dimitri. Hopefully they agreed to separate without a lot of pain and found a solution about the son they share.
Dimitri being very private unless it concerns his work as a producer wouldn't talk to the press and seems to be very careful of paps. That shows that avoiding the paps is possible.
But Charlotte is much more known in the society and royal world than he is. He seems to be much involved in his work and not at all for society events. That is one thing I always like about him.

Virginie Viard and Carlota Casiraghi dancing together at the Chanel show
I find that really sweet lol

Charlotte's dancing is like the female equivalent of dad dancing. I'd be the same, I'd love to be able dance but I would never in public!
It's Raphael who accompanies his mum, not Balthazar.
They say in the article that it's Raphael.
Of course it is not Raphaël. You can see the height of the bow near his mum in both pictures
He seemed to be saying that the boy has trouble focusing on formal schooling, as he had, or something along those lines. There wasn't much context given for the quote.
Oh, that’s too bad. I hope he’s okay or doing better.
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