Princess Mathilde Keeps Her Promise

  March 31, 2009 at 5:00 am by

Princess Mathilde of Belgium has visted ‘t Goteringenhof, a social project for children and seniors in Gooik, Kester. The farm is owned by Dirk Decoster and Anita Baeyens. Last year the princess was unable to attend the agricultural fair ‘Agriflanders’ and she asked if it was possible to visit the farm at another date, which was yesterday.

‘t Goteringenhof is not just an ordinairy dairy farm as they have 100 white-blue cows that are threatened with extinction and since 2003 the farm also employs three ‘less valid’ people with the ages between 20 and 30: among them an autistic girl. For them the farm is a way to experience another environment.

Click on image to see the photos at editiepajot

Click on image to see the photos at editiepajot

After the princess arrived she received a tour of the farm and stables. Mathilde told the owners that when she was still living with her parents she frequently visited the farm of their neighbours. Her children also visit the farm from time to time, so they get accquainted with farming and the country side. “The princess was well informed and interested” concluded Anita Baeyens, “the princess knew about the present low milk prices. She asked if we had enough money to provide for our family. She didn’t know so may working hours were needed to keep the farm profitable and she showed a lot of respect for our agricultural projects. The princess was surprised about the time that is spent on keeping the administration of the farm up to date.”

Princess Mathilde also stayed for lunch, during the lunch she was able to get to know the various issues that farmers are dealing with as 20 wives of farmers from the five Flemish provinces were invited. To thank the princess for her visit, she received a big basket with various regional products. The princess said that it would take her family some time to eat it all.

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