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Welcome to Anne, Princess Royal Current Events, Part 7

Commencing Aug 3rd, 2023

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On September 22 Princess Anne officially opened the Port of Aberdeen's South Harbor expansion project:

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There has been a minor incident regarding the Port of Aberdeen engagement.

The Deputy First Minister of Scotland arrived 40 minutes late, keeping everyone waiting. The Princess Royal simply spent longer meeting the public outside but it has caused other politicians to make an issues of it.

Article from The Daily Telegraph:

Humza Yousaf’s deputy has been accused of showing a “disgraceful” lack of respect to the Princess Royal after turning up at a royal event 40 minutes late.

Attendees at the official opening of the expanded Aberdeen Harbour said that the Princess Royal, as well as 350 other guests, were kept waiting by Shona Robison who blamed “urgent government business” for her delay.

When the Deputy First Minister eventually made her speech at the event, she then failed to thank the Princess Royal for attending, which some saw as a further snub.

The Princess Royal is understood to have filled the time caused by Ms Robison’s late arrival by chatting to members of the public for far longer than had been scheduled.
Princess Anne visited the International Society for Optics and Photonics Photonex Exhibition at Scottish Event Campus (1) as well as Peter Equi and Son Limited Ice Cream Manufacturer in Lanarkshire (2-4) today, October 25:

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On November 7 Princess Anne opened the Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage and McDonald Road Community Fire & Ambulance Station in Edinburgh:

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I'm intrigued by the dais which seems to appear at some investitures and not at others.
Princess Anne and husband Tim attended the James Caird Society's evensong, dedication service and reception at Westminster Abbey today, February 15, to mark Sir Ernest Shackleton's 150th birthday:

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