Princess Mathilde Visits Children’s Cancer Hospital

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On Wednesday 11 March, Princess Mathilde visited the Children’s cancer department of the University Hospital in Ghent. The Princess talked to children and parents, and was visibly impressed with the courage of the children to face and fight the disease.

In a video caption, provided by VRT on Friday 13 March, we can follow the conversation of the Princess with a young cancer patient and her parents. The princess was very surprised with the optimism the young girl exuded, despite her disease, not being allowed to go to school, and even not knowing how her body responds to the therapy. The girl said there was no point in being depressed, because then the days moved slower, so it was better to put on a smile – a valuable lesson of which we all can learn. Later, the Princess also talks with the mother of a 3-year old girl, who became disabled because of a tumor, and who might never be able to walk. The Princess played with the girl and took her on her lap, and was visibly moved by the mother’s story.

The Princess visited the Childern’s oncology department of the University Hospital Ghent to show her support for the “Kom op tegen Kanker” campaign (“Fight Cancer” campaign), which is held annually in Belgium, and which is dedicated to support children with cancer this year.

See the video caption here.
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