Exhibitions par deux Continue Accession Festivities

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Two exhibition openings in Denmark today have continued Queen Margrethe II’s fortieth jubilee festivities.

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The first exhibition was held at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, and was entitled Regent of 40 Years – Queen Margrethe 1972-2012. The Queen was accompanied by Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and Prince Christian for the event. The royals were given a tour of the exhibition, which features objects and film clips from Queen Margrethe’s reign, including a few gala gowns and a streaming of the 2011 New Year’s speech.

The main feature of the exhibition, though, was the unveiling of a new, ‘three generations’ portrait by Queen Margrethe and Prince Christian. Painted by Niels Strøbæk, the painting features the Queen and the two immediate heirs to the throne – Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Christian. Both Queen Margrethe and Prince Frederik are dressed in full gala outfits, while Prince Christian wears a tie-less suit, which appears somewhat casual when standing next to the gigantic figures of his grandmother and father (honestly, not the best painting this blogger has seen).

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It was then back to Copenhagen, for the afternoon opening of the Royal Gala exhibition at the Amalienborg Museum. This exhibition features a number of gala gowns and uniforms which the royal family have worn during the course of Queen Margrethe’s reign. Some of Queen Margrethe’s gowns include the grey-green gown worn to Prince Joachim’s first wedding in 1995, the coral gown worn for Prince Henrik’s sixtieth birthday celebrations and a dark red gown worn on the state visit to Spain in 1983. Crown Princess Mary’s red gown worn at her pre-wedding concert in 2004 is also featured, as is Princess Marie’s second New Year’s Court gown.

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