Oman to Choose Successor

  October 20, 2011 at 5:35 am by

After many years with no successor to the Omani throne, Sultan Qaboos has issued a degree to allow the ruling family to choose a successor for him, in the event of a power vacancy of three days.

Oman’s news agency reported, “The ruling family council will determine the person to whom power should be transferred, within three days following the vacancy in the position of the Sultan.”

The degree went on saying, “If the ruling family council cannot agree on choosing a Sultan, the Defense Council, together with the presidents of the State Council, the president of the Shura Council, the chairman of the Higher Court and his two senior deputies, will confirm the person designated by the Sultan in his letter to the family council.”

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3 Responses to Oman to Choose Successor

  1. Elizabeth Pease says:

    You really go all out to get your Royalty stories. I didn’t know there were any other ruling families in the Mideast besides the Afghani and Saudi families.

  2. Elizabeth Pease says:

    Also, King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan.

  3. Elizabeth Pease says:

    Oops, I forgot King Mohammed of Morocco, too!

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