The Royal Couple’s Events before Christmas

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On December 21st, the Norwegian King and Queen visited the Frogn volunteer center. These kind of centers are existing all across Norway. They are contact centers for anyone who wants to participate in volunteer activities. The Royal Couple were having guided tours through the house.

King Harald was meeting with a group of women who were knitting and weaving, as well as storytellers, babysitters and others. Queen Sonja met artists and members of the international women’s group. During the visit, the official Christmas picture of the Royal couple was taken. If you’d like to read more about the Volunteer center and the Royal couple’s visit you can read an article here.

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Today Queen Sonja paid her Christmas visit to the Poor House in Oslo. Here she was handing out gifts. The Poor House is a self-help organization. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for the poor. The Queen was meeting with the volunteers and some of their main supporters.

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At the end of her visit Queen Sonja participated in the gift ceremony.

You can read more about the Queen’s visit to the Poor House here.

This year King Harald and Queen Sonja are going to celebrate Christmas at the Royal Lodge together with Princess Märtha Louise and family.

On December 25th the Royal couple will attend the Christmas service at the Holmenkollen Chapel. Princess Märtha Louise and her family will join them.

You can read more about Christmas in the Norwegian Royal family here.

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