The Duchess of Sussex's Daytime Fashion Part 5: November 2019 - April 2022

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Welcome to Part 5 of the thread for the Duchess of Sussex's Daytime Fashion!

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** The Duchess of Sussex's Daytime Fashion Part 4: June 2019 - October 2019 **

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Meghan's casual look for the opening of Luminary

-shirt by WNU
-shoes seem to be Stella McCartney Adidas
-belt by Madewell
-earrings are her Adina Reyter earrings
-sweater not seen in photo by Jcrew

Jeans have been unidentified that I can find.
Nice casual look for her.

Simple and perfect, just what she should wear in this kind of visit !
Yes, this outfit is both practical and neat. Love the look.
Nice causal look. I like that WNU is donating to the bakery's program.
Absolutely love her casual look! She always nails this style much more than the more dressed up stuff IMO (although I think I loved every single thing she wore in SA). And it is at a nice price point and very easy to replicate.
Perfect image of elegance in blue…. very appropriate and beautiful outfit !
Very nice, and appropriate for the occasion. I especially liked her hat with its veil detail. Looks good.
The hat was all right, the coat looked a bit bulky around the belt area, but a fine appearance. Not one of her best looks.
Not a fan of the outfit. The coat looks like a bathrobe and it looks very bulky and messy especially around the waist.

She looks beautiful from the neck up though.
:previous: Teddy Bear coat - quite trendy. Re; the belt, it would not be my choice, but Meghan does things her way and I love her for it. That blue hat is great on her.
Not a fan of the outfit. The coat looks like a bathrobe and it looks very bulky and messy especially around the waist.

She looks beautiful from the neck up though.

I agree, the coat does look a bit like a bathrobe, and messy around the waist. But all in all, its fine. Not particularly elegant or smart, but nothing wrong with it either.
I wouldn’t class that as a teddy bear coat, it’s not thick enough. It’s more a boucle material coat.

It’s quite a drab boring look, not just because it’s black and blue but it gives her no shape.

I really dislike those boots, the whole outfit makes her look shorter than she is. I do love the fascinator though.
I actually like the whole look. I like the dark navy, appropriate for the event as well.

I would take her coat and gloves (which I love as well) in a second. I'm not a fan of boots but they look good on her. The fascinator is one of her best hat looks yet.

Love Meghan, but this outfit is such a frumpy mess. The coat is cute and the boots are to die for, though.
A lovely colour and texture to this coat and a cute little hat. I can’t see how this is drab, it is a very rich blue and wonderfully appropriate for the occasion.
By far my fave fascinator she has worn! Coat is ok, not a fave but fine.
Love the coat and fascinator. Not a fan of the boots, but that's a small quibble.
I like all the individual elements of this, especially the hat. But----the fullness of her hair is throwing things off I think. Maybe pulled back a bit to showcase the hat? I dunno what but--something is a bit off balance but I love the coat and think she looks lovely. I always blame/congratulate the stylist when something is a little bit off/or when the look hits it out of the park. So...Meghan's stylist...I'm holding up an 8 card instead of a 10.:lol:
I think the hat is cute, but the rest of the outfit isn't flattering at all.
This is an appropriate look,the hat is cute with the veil however i am not fan of the boits and i think her coat wrapped in weird way..not flattering Imo
I thought Meghan's outfit for the Remembrance Poppy Field was perfection!! I love the navy and the hat was to die for. Her makeup was perfect and very appropriate. I want to know the color of her lipstick.
Do we know who the designers of the coat and dress worn today by Meghan were?
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