Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 11: June 2022 - December 2023

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 11 of the thread for Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion!

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** Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion Part 10: January 2021 - June 2022 **

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Queen Mathilde meeting with Catherine M. Russell, UNICEF's Executive Director, today, June 27:

** Full view **
A really lovely suit and colour on the queen today.
Queen Mathilde today at the first biking tour of a number of tours she'll undertake with people and organizations involved with mental health projects:

** Full view ** Upper part **
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Can't really see what the queen is wearing other than the upper part?

The pearls do look nice set against the black.
I watch the ceremony at Chênée, I don't think it was black but dark blue.
That outfit looks to be quite heavy looking given the very warm weather across Western Europe at the moment.
What a horrible looking coat/dress outfit and paired with ugly earrings.
Its all very nice and colourful for the National Day Mass.
Not a great combination and those pants were never very flattering.
Not a good look. Hope that her underwear was less visible during the rest of the day/irl (and what happened to Philippe's corsage/flower?)
I adore Her Majesty, but the color doesn’t look good on her, and it would have been much better if she chose an outfit that didn’t show her bra so much.
A beautiful dress, but the colour doesn't suit the Queen.
The queen looked lovely and a nice colour too!
Queen Mathilde at a reception for the Diplomatic Contact Days today, September 6:

** Full view ** Full view **
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A nice and colourful dress on Queen Mathilde for the reception today.
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