Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 8: June 2016 - June 2017

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i am certainly not a fan of that roksanda dress eugenie chose. her hat is okay, it is just that we have seen so many of those hats over the years and they are starting to get a bit boring.
beatrice's dress is nothing special, but it was nice to see a different kind of hat to what ascot has us accustomed to for a change!
I absolutely love the way Bea’s haair is styled. It’s so romantic and for some reason I feel it suits her red hair..
I would have saved the whole look for Beatrice if it wasn't for that large jacket she is wearing...
Same coat and shoes as her striped skirt a few days ago. The coat is simply unbuttoned, why it looks so big on her this time. Kind of looks like she didn't have a coat planned, and chose that when the weather was bad.
I love the mint green dress. Actually I love mint green period. And I love it with navy. But I don't think the style of the jacket goes with the dress.
Day 3 outfit
Eugenie looked fabulously stylish and polished.
Beatrice dress and shoes were appropriately nice.

HereditaryPrincess, I agree, Beatrice's hat reminded me of the boater hats worn by school girls.

Beatrice's hair and the hat were a miss.

The outfit, especially the hat is said to have been worn as a nod to the racing colours of the one she was backing in the Gold Cup.
The Queen also wore the same colors of the winner.

Day 4 outfit
I liked Beatrice in the mint green/pale aqua dress with the navy trim on the collar and sash.

The pale bluegreen hat with the navy bow topped off the outfit nicely.

The jacket matched in color. Although not part of the outfit, it blended in so I would not give her any points off for the jacket.
I think her overall outfit worked.
Ugh...someone help her!

I think for once I like Beatrice the best. Happens rarely for me :)

Hat wise I like Eugenie's. I always like the full hat over a cocktail style. The shape and color I quite like, the little white things seem odd. Her outfit though seems bizarre from what I see of it. The top with the Peter pan collar and sleeves, doesn't seem to go with the almost Hawaiian print skirt IMO. Both pieces are nice enough, and the color matches, but don't like the pairing. :ermm:

Bea I actually find myself quite liking the print of her dress. She looks really nice today. And though not a huge fan of that style of hat, I don't mind hers at all.
I prefer Eugenie's look to Beatrice's, again. The design of Beatrice's dress is not really my cup of tea. I like her hat though. Eugenie's outfit is nice and fun, but smart at the same time. I like her skirt a lot.
Beatrice's mint green dress on day 4 was lovely; the colour really suited her; but the masculine navy jacket did not go with it at all!

On day 5 I really liked Beatrice's hat and hair; not so fond of the dress.

Eugenie in black at the launch of Chelsy Davy's new jewellery range in London yesterday, June 21:

** Full view **
I thought at first one of her pant legs was unzipped and was confused. Now realizing, or thinking at least, its her purse on the ground. As the brown doesn't change positions when she does. Makes more sense.

I think she looks great and youthful for the event. Not sure on shoes but still a hit. Has had mostly hits lately and her sister close behind.
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I think Eugenie looks nice, that outfit suits her a lot. The only thing I don't like here is her shoes, because I don't think they work too well with the rest of the outfit, but that's just me.
From what I can see Eugenie's dress is lovely.
Eugenie looks lovely in her white dress; simple is best for this Princess.
Love the colour of Princess Beatrice's coat - very cheery.
Not much to see thanks to rain but love Bea's red trench :flowers:

Eugenie's kind of reminds me of my coats when I was like 12, the whole brown buckles and hood. Looks like a bigger version.
Beatrice's trench looks very nice, especially the color. Not a fan of Eugenie's coat, however.

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Eugenie's dress is a big win for me! This girl has improved her style a lot lately! Can't say the same for her sister though...
Eugenie's dress is a big win for me! This girl has improved her style a lot lately! Can't say the same for her sister though...

Eugenie looks very nice.

I don't care for Beatrice's dress- too voluminous, looks like she is wrapped in bedsheets.

Still, they both look better than their mother.
Eugenie looks great....Beatrice and her mother are following the same trend..not so flattering.

Eugenie very elegant!!!!
No need to comment Beatrice.
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