Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 8: June 2016 - June 2017

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Welcome to Part 8 of the thread for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style!

You can find the old thread here:

** Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 7: April 2015 - June 2016 **

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:flowers: Happy Posting! :flowers:
That is a beautiful red dress. Just beautiful.
Wow stunning dress. Eugenie has been rocking it a lot lately. :flowers:
Beautiful!! And what was racy about it, Daily Fail?
Eugenie looked great in that red dress!

Beatrice at Royal Ascot today, June 14:

** Full view **
I really like Bea's outfit at Ascot. Well fitted, classic and good colors on her :flowers:

I don't even mind the fascinator. If there is ever a time to wear one, it is at Ascot. Looking at some of the crazy ones already, hers is very tame, and looks good with her outfit. Not making a fascinator fan out of me any time soon, but there is a time and place for things.
I love the red dress and B looks very Ascot IMO
I'm not a fan of Beatrice's outfit she wore to Ascot today, just because it's not really my cup of tea. Her make up looks good, though.
I like Beatrice's fascinator and skirt/dress but that's about it, I particularly dislike her jacket.
Loved Eugenie's red at the art/benefit occasion in Switzerland..

Am not a fan of Beatrice's choice for Ascot - as she often does, her choices are discordant, the filmy white dress w/ the night club worthy stripes and then the shoes w/ their turquoise adornment. Upper half very structured short navy blazer w/ navy fascinator. Fascinator's feather embellishments add yet another unconnected element.
Each part alone would probably have been ok - but together, not so much. If she'd chosen a longer navy jacket w/out the gold buttons (which clash w/ the shoe straps & silver bands on the dress) and perhaps a tad less formal on the jacket the look might have worked, IMO.
Maybe just the angle, but to me, the metallic on her shoes, skirt and buttons on her coat all look to be silvery/gold.

I find it a pretty classic silhouette, the structured jacket softened by a looser skirt. A structured skirt would have made it look more like a business event IMO.
Eugenie looks lovely in the red dress. It's such a great color on her.

Not feeling Beatrice's Ascot outfit. The hat is nice, but the dress and jacket don't look right's the ruffles on the bottom line of the skirt that ruin it.
Beatrice looks fantastic in her blue and white ensemble.
Eugenie looks good in her red dress.
Maybe just the angle, but to me, the metallic on her shoes, skirt and buttons on her coat all look to be silvery/gold.

I find it a pretty classic silhouette, the structured jacket softened by a looser skirt. A structured skirt would have made it look more like a business event IMO.
You just put your finger on the reason I liked her outfit. Change just one element and you change the entire look. Love it.
Princess Eugenie: The repeated red McQueen is amazing.

Princess Beatrice at Ascot: I really like this blue/white/metallic ensemble. Even the percher gets a pass. Hahaha.
Loved Eugenies red dress not so keen on Beatrices Ascot outfit. It seems heavy to me the jacket puts me off I just don't think they all go together. Not keen her hat and I wish she would do something with her hair it's partly why I think the hats look odd sometimes.
I prefer Eugenie's look over her sister's, but Beatrice's hairstyle is better than Eugenie's.
Eugenie looks lovely, her hat is beautiful. I can't decide on Beatrice, the dress is lovely and the back angle of the hat looks okay but the front just doesn't do it for me.
I like Eugenies outfit today and if Beatrice had a better hat her outfit might be passable.
I love Eugenie today. Her hat is so stunning, perfect for the event. I really like her dress as well. :flowers:

Beatrice I like almost everything. Her dress is quite lovely and appropriate for the event. And her hair looks gorgeous, especially from the back. But her hat is a miss to me. And that is a real shame as Ladies day is the day to rock a hat at Ascot. If she wasn't going to go for a real elegant hat like her sister, she should have gone the complete opposite, and gone with a wilder hat like many other women there. Her hat seems an odd in between.
Eugenie looks better than her sister, but they both look fine, imo.
I think Eugenie's hat is beautiful, but it doesn't look quite right with her dress IMO as there's something about the dress that looks a little too casual for Ascot (whilst her hat is just right for Ascot). The colour of it is nice, though, but I'm not liking the collar or the belt/fabric strip.

I prefer Beatrice's dress to Eugenie's overall, it feels quite Edwardian to me. I'm not a fan of her hat though, it reminds me of the boater hats that prep school girls wear for the summer here in England.
Eugenie looks absolutely beautiful!

The shape of Beatrice's dress is lovely but the top doesn't match the skirt or something...and the hat is a total miss. Lovely navy color but very flat ...she needed some pop of another color.


I do love Beatrice's shoes and her hair as well.

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I am almost completely in love with Eugenie's choices today. That curve to the pink/white/tiny bit of yellow on the belt and collar is just yummy and not the same old, same old. The hat is great for Ascot. I want that dress!
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