Princess Marie's Fashion and Style Part 10: May 2015 - October 2016

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The fit the pieces worn is great but the mix match doesn't work.
Interesting jacket! She looks professional.

Me too! The colours and the print are really nice, it suits her!

Here's a full view without the coat and another front view photo:

** Full view ** Upper part **
I think she looks lovely! Very feminine color and pretty pattern.
Beautiful dress and elegant on Marie!
I think this is one of her nicest mix and match look. The dress is nice and so is the print and colors. The trench coat is lovely and looks great with that dress.
Great look. Love both pieces. Trench is great. Love the color and print of dress. Looks great paired :flowers:
The outfit would have been great without the snakeskin shoes and the childish headband. She looks like a 5 year old at a kindergarten party with this thingy.
I agree. Beautiful outfit but i prefer she wear a hat and not this.
Princess Marie at the opening of the parliament today:

Don't like it all, the headband looks like something my 6-years old would go with.

She's worn the coat twice now and the headband at least once. She wore the coat on March 17, 2014 and March 17, 2015 for two State Visits. I like the coat, don't like the headband thing.
Don't care for the headband but the rest looks fine to me.
Besides the childish headband which shouldn't even be considered as a headpiece/hat, Marie looked good!
Pretty coat, but the headband thingy has to go!
Stunning coat and accessories. Her hair even looks lovely. :flowers:

But the headband is a giant miss. Looks like she borrowed her daughter's. Even worse next to the other ladies in their real hats.
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Agree with everyone ,minus the silly headband the Princess looked very lovely.
I like her hair style, her coat and her accessories. Her fascinator, is a whole other story, however. It is curious that fascinator's started out as an "After Five" hair adornment and over the years it has devolved.

The first time I saw a headband on a fascinator I cringed and thought "well that's it, it can't get any worse". Wrong! Originally the headbands were discreet but now they are in your face and as much part of the fascinator as, in this case, the flower.

Best advice? Give it to Athena and buy a real, honest to gosh, hat!
Lovely. I give the prize to Marie over Mary, though both look very chic in red. I love Marie's blazer and that she isn't wearing lace. But both looked great:flowers:
The overall was too boring IMO and no effort put into it. She should've worn the dress without the jacket and added that lovely brooch to the dress.
Marie was just ordinary. The dress was alright but the the jacket was too casual and didn't fit well.
I don't find the blazer too casual. It's a day time audience, not an evening event or something fancier. I prefer it to the lace, which I find too much for a day audience. Perhaps the fit isn't great, but fit aside, I think it professional for a day time audience. Reminds me of Letizia style at this type of audience, going for the more professional style, than the girly day time approach :flowers:
Perhaps if the blazer were a different material? I do like her dress or what we can see of it.
Perhaps if the blazer were a different material? I do like her dress or what we can see of it.

IMO it is the large wooden looking buttons that tip it into the casual territory. Other than that I like the dress paired with a blazer.
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