Princess Marie's Fashion and Style Part 10: May 2015 - October 2016

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She looks lovely in this simple line coat. One of her better looks.
Very nice coat on Marie. Like the simple lines. She looks lovely here.
Perfect coat for her, the seaming and cut so flattering for a petite

Princess Marie at the gala dinner of the Denmark Cup Entrepreneurship for Young Adults in Copenhagen yesterday, April 27:

** Full view **
Is that a recycled dress? Marie looked very nice at the event, the black and gold together worked well.
Marie is such a pretty woman but she just doesn't know how to dress. Her hair looks lovely here along with her beautiful smile.
:previous: I'm not a fan of the material of Marie's dress, but the colours are great and suit her well.
I agree, not sure about the shiny material, but the color is great on her as is the cut/style of the dress. I really like the shoes from what I see of them.
I like the style of the dress but the shiny fabric just looks cheap. Just misses the mark, once again.
I love the color and the shiny fabric on the classic,cut dress. She looks,great

Princess Marie handed out research grants in Odense today, May 27, wearing a very pretty flower dress in blue. Looks familiar, so maybe she has worn in before:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 **
This is a great look for a spring time engagement.
Lovely! She looks so pretty with her beautiful smile. :)
Simple and nice dress! Perfect for the event!!
I love black and white but this isn't doing it for me. I think it's a little too short. I love her hair and hat, however.
Love the coat. She looks very chic and put together:flowers:

Though better than a fascinator, not a huge fan of little pill box hats either, but I think this one works with the coat. Hair looks great with it.
This look works really well on her. The black and white coat is lovely. Her hair style and hat went beautifully together. That hat isn't easy to pull off imo, but she does it.
Princess Marie looking very lovely and summery in the Danish pavallion opened in Rio de Janeiro yesterday!!

A nice dress different look for Marie yesterday a Gala Dinner at the Iate Club of Rio de Janeiro.

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix of Denmark attended a concert of the Danish choir in Rio

A nice black dress but i LOVE her shoes!!!

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:previous: its a lovely look, a little too casual for an official event but then again it did include a bike ride ;)
did not like the sandals though.
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