Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 24: April 2012 - June 2012

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What a beautiful jacket and blouse, and I love her shoes. As always, her makeup is faultless.
Letizia looked great! That said, I think I would have preferred it if the blouse had a different neckline and (possibly) were of a different fabric. I don't mind the belt, however it looks a little shiny in some photos. ...maybe if the top were more dressy (shiny even) and the belt more matte...
I love the whole outfit, especially the jacket. Her makeup is great as always!
I wish she would wear often dresses or skirts but again very nice outfit. Make-up and hairstyle as always perfect.
07-05-2012 Madrid Princess Letizia attended the National Assembly Euro-Toques Spain at the Caixa Forum in Madrid

The skirt matches the jacket that Letizia has worn several times, eg at the hospital to visit JC
The cardi is a repeat from the meeting with the Deaf People Federation

Its a good idea to split up the suit and wear the pieces separately. No fan of cardis in general and the skirt is a bit too short, but a fresh colour always looks great on Letizia.
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Letizia today at the opening of the National Museum of Science and Technology.
Nice professional look. The jacket is lovely, it gives softness to this outfit.

Very nice outfit, but it is always somethong wrong with the lenght of her pants. They should be longer and almost cover the shoes. This lenght cuts her, especially near the very tall Felipe.
I like the skirt, and I like the cardigan and the top. But together they just don't work. The skirt doesn't work the upper part and is a bit short. The black tights spoil the summery look the pink cardigan tries to achieve, the shoes add nothing to the ensemble.

Not a very good look on Letizia. Not bad either - just pretty average.
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Not a good look on Letizia,that outfit just looks wrong!
Not a good combination of items. I agree Artemisia those fabrics together are all wrong. The pieces individually are alright, although the skirt needs to be a good 2-4 inches longer. I wish a stylist would come and put a "look book" together for her. I'm sure that it would be well worth the money spent.
Princess Letizia Looks Nice , I Like The cardigan & The Colour Very Nice , I Don’t Like The skirt , Thanx For Posting .
Pretty pieces, just not together. The skirt is too short. Nice color on her though:)
Pretty pieces, just not together. The skirt is too short. Nice color on her though:)

Yes, she really looks great in dark rosy colors. She's worn them a lot lately. There is just a bit of that color in the tweed skirt.
Not a fan of the combination either. I don't generally dislike her cardigans, but this one is too casual IMO. And she has been wearing them a lot lately, which is kind of tiring.
I'm not a fan of this combination, either. I love the rosy pink top and the color looks really well on her, but it's too lightweight to go with the heavy texture of the skirt and its darker colors. The predominant colors don't mix well with the cardigan. I wish she had worn the matching jacket and a coordinating blouse in beige or black; that would have looked a lot better.
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I'm not sure I'd wear this to the cinema. The shoes are nice but not with the pants. The whole outfit is a big miss! Or maybe that should be a big mess.
I like the scarf, but that's about it.
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I rather like the blouse and the pants.
The bag, though perfectly colour-coordinated, is not my cup of tea.
Nothing good about this look, cheap-looking clothes, bad make-up and unkempt hair. I'll pass.
The blouse I love and the make up and hair look fine. The pants are a little "stiff" looking, but other than that, nothing really wrong with this outfit.
Again too casual IMO but not awful.
Is that her bra showing, or is she wearing some type of tank top underneath?

I really like the color of the blouse, but I don't like how the pants fit.
I think the color of the blouse is lovely, however, it appears to be a little see-through (unless the light is hitting it and making it look like such). I'm not crazy about the shoes, but the slacks are not too bad.
I like the shoes! And think that orange looks good on Letizia. But the blouse does appear to be on the transparent side. I do not like the pants or the bag. Overall, she looks rather casual.
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