Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 24: April 2012 - June 2012

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Pretty top. Is that a necklace or is it part of the blouse?
To me the best of Letizia's stlye is that we can look at it and say that she has pick it up herself, she has choosen her clothes and that these clothes are easy to copy..they are "wearable" clothes for everyone!
The top is lovely but I dislike the pants.
Letizia looks really amazing, and I love the sunny yellow of the top! It looks great on her. The brooch is a lovely touch!!!
Love her outfit! She looks great in the yellow.
A very bright and fresh color on Letizia; it really complements her coloring.
A lovely summery look from Letizia, who looked beautiful. I really like the combination of yellow and white.
Letizia looks very summer-y and delightful. I love the yellow top. Very simple, elegant and snazzy.
I agree, it's a very elegant look on Letizia.
She looks really lovely.
Princess Letizia Looks So Beautiful , her Outfit Simple & Very Nice and Suits her well , her Makeup So Nice , Thank you Artemisia :flowers:

Nice photo! good to see the family together (closeup #2) Princess Letizia, Prince Felipe and Infanta Elena . . . together in an event, relaxed and enjoying themselves!:flowers:

I like her style she is so simple.

Yes, I like her style . . . pleasantly simple and functional! besides her makeup is always impeccable! :)
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I love this whole look. This color is very flattering for Letizia, and as always her hair and makeup are perfect! I love the shoes, as well.
Letizia looks nice, the shade of rose suits her and the dress is beautiful. I love the shoes. Felipe and Letizia seemed to be on a very good mood.

Princess Letizia Looks so Nice , I Like her Dress & Whole Looks , She Looks Elegant & Chic , The Color So Nice on her , She Wore The Dress Before in Official Visit To Jordan
Very nice look for Letizia! Love the color and the accessories. Makeup would be perfect if her neck matched her face:)
The dress has been worn many times, eg on a State Visit, therefore its a very safe choice of quality. I am glad not to see another badly tailored pair of pants.
The dress is lovely. Very elegant and sophisticated.
Lovely dress. They both look like each other.
She looks lovely, the color is great on her.
I really like to see her in dresses and she seems to favor styles with the gathers to the side that are so flattering to her figure. The color and accessories are really lovely.
May 30, 2012 - Letizia in a lovely jacket matched with a fuchsia under-top and a beige skirt for the farewell ceremony in Spain and welcome ceremony in Portugal.

I like the jacket but don't like the skirt shade of beige with that jacket.

Close up ** Full view
I think the applications on the jacket match the different colour of the skirt. The suit is recycled, I've always liked it, the only minus is that the material is linen and very wrinkly.
I like the pink shirt & purse, its a fresh look. It does clash with the red carpet though ;)
Lovely outfit, I liked the color of her top and the purse :)
I rather like the look, probably because white is one of my favourite colours.
The jacket and skirt are nice (though perhaps a bit mismatched together), while the bright blouse saves the look from being overly prim or boring.
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