Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 24: April 2012 - June 2012

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Letizia looks lovely in the white suit. I like the beige blouse she's wearing under the jacket too (or from what I can see of it).
Princess Letizia Looks Amazing & Wonderfull In White Suit , Very Elegant & Chic Looks , I always Like White Suit & Really Successful Choice For Princess Letizia , I Like The Outfit Very Much , Thank you For Posting iceflower & LadyFinn .
She really looks like a fashion model, however pants a little tight for me and don't like the beige, underwear looking blouse.
Beautiful suit, I rather like it.
The blouse and shoes are well-chosen as well.
Very beautiful suit. She looked great in it.
She looks great in the white suit. Only I don't like the shoes or the bag with it.
I love a white suit and this looks really nice on her. Would have liked a brighter blouse and nicer color handbag with it. I'm just so glad she's wearing heels, too; they look like her retro T-straps.
I love a white suit and this looks really nice on her. Would have liked a brighter blouse and nicer color handbag with it.

I agree. Maybe a pale pink or light blue shirt would look nice under the white.
Normally I find the suits of Letizia boring but this one is very nice.
I really like this white pant suit on her and she can do so much with it by just changing the color of the blouse, shoes and purse. Royal blue, Kelly green, burnt gold would all look a ticket and give an entirely different look.
I love this suit on Letizia, and the cut is amazing!! It fits her perfectly!!!
Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia attended a lunch on the occasion of the "2012 Cervantes Award" at The Royal Palace on April 20, 2012.
Letizia wore a wonderful red dress, teaming it with nude shoes.
- The whole look 1 - The whole look 2
- Close up 1 - Close up 2
- Shoes

I absolutely love this outfit; Letizia always looks brilliant in red.
The shoes and the belt were spot on, while the makeup - fresh and radiant.

Pictures originally posted by lula and LadyFinn in Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia current events thread.
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I love this look! She looks wonderful in red.
I love it, repeated but this dress is really nice so I don't care. Letizia has the best hair among the royal ladies, so healthy, shiny and not overstyled.
I like the outfit very much. The shoes are very chic.
Letizia looks amazing, and she always rocks red!!! I love the entire look, from the hair down to the nude pumps!!! Gorgeous!!
What a beautiful cherry red on her. Even her lipstick is gorgeous. I wish her shoes were a bit darker in color, but altogether a great look. Well done, Letizia.
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She looks amazing! It's really a great color on her!
I love how Letizia looks in red. The dress itself is very elegant and the belt adds some good contrast.
I really looove her look during the last days. Elegant, looking superb and beautiful, but not exaggerated. Never mind, whether it is the blue jacket, the white combination or this red version, everything is perfect for the occasion. As I strongly believe, that in the light of the recent discussions everybody is looking at the PoAs even more closely :whistling::whistling::whistling:, I think, Letizia made a great selection of clothes and used these as a "statement" for her excellent work.
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Lovely dress and a great color. The belt could've been of a nice shade of purple if she wanted to have a younger look.
This is a very beautiful and delicate design, it looks so good on Letizia!!
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