Princess Lalla Salma's Fashion & Style, Part 3: November 2010 - June 2013

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She wore a lot this color last time, and befere also, it suits her complexion. I perfer the first outfit, it looks like a Messoni, not sure. She lost weight and she looks gorgeous.
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Very nice outfit. She looks beautiful. I like her ponytail also.
imo i dont think she should be in the worst dress list for the royal wedding and either should cp victoria both of the dresses were very safe both in styles and color
Flipping Fantastic! Love the white with the coral. And the makeup & hair was gorgeous as always!
i like how the orange was matched with white this is nice suit,she looks relaxed and very beautiful today.
hair and make up looks great too.
she looked stunning ; I like the earrings too ..
For some reason, her hair looked nice left open, usually it looks messy but this time it looked great. The outfit & color were just perfect on her.
She looks great, I like the jacket and blouse.
^ It must be a suit, I think I've seen it before. ;) She looks very elegant, as always.
i like the jacket too I also think she wore it before but I can't remember.
anwyay it seems nice outfit she looks elegant her hair is well done too as the make up if she is wearing some.
the caftan is definitely masterpiece,she looks very beautiful in that shade of blue Imo.
nice make up too soft and perfect for her features.
Lalla Salma's caftan is lovely indeed. I like the delicate silver embroidery.
The caftan is beautiful, but I don´t like this colour for her.
very chic one and the color is nice !
look like a nice caftan I like the color.
Lalla khadija looks cute too love her belt.:)
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