Princess Lalla Salma's Fashion & Style, Part 3: November 2010 - June 2013

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The last caftan is my favourite as well, but I don't dislike the others as well.
She looks very beautiful there, very young and modern, LOVE!
nice casual outfit she looks radiant.

PS:I loved all her caftans in the the Dautch inauguration very elegant I think she made Morocco proudQ.
Dutch inauguration: Vote for the best dresses royal at the Dutch investiture ceremony -

Lalla Salma appears to have a lead over other royal ladies and even Queen Maxima in the fashion poll.

Lalla Salma who was as always stunning and majestuous in her Moroccan Caftans, won the votes for the poll of the best dressed in both categories, the state farewell dinner for Queen Beatrix with 38% followed by Princess Mary, and also for the inauguration ceremony of willem Alexander, with 45% followed by the newely investituted Queen Maxima.
Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco wins HELLO! Online's best dressed poll -
Doesn't she always win with this polls? I remenber she won as well on the Catherine&William and Stephanie&Guillaume weddings.
Doesn't she always win with this polls? I remenber she won as well on the Catherine&William and Stephanie&Guillaume weddings.
Yes, she already won the poll for the best dressed at Kate&Will's wedding, but also Lalla Soukaina won the votes for the poll of the best dressed royal woman at Charlene&Albert of Monaco's wedding...
I don't remember that Lalla Salma won other poll, it was two times, that's it. Did she win the poll of the best dressed at Luxembourg's wedding last october?
A french magazine have written that the Moroccan women have that special "je ne sais quoi" thing when they wear their Moroccan caftans.
The Moroccan royal women reprensent well their country, culture, traditions and fashion. Good for Moroccan people, they must be proud of them.
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It is great that Lalla Salma has won the poll. Lalla Salma's caftans are gorgeous.
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Her caftans are beautiful! She wears them well.
She was stunning! I like the emerald green caftan on her more than the white one!
I liked the blue-white colour combination in the outfit. The belt adorned with flowers is unnecessary.
The blue and white looked great on her. The belt is a bit childish IMO and her pants a bit too long. Im not fond of the blue heels, it would've worked if her pants were blue. I like her hair styled like this, looks good.
The outfit is all right. Trousers in flowery print are not my cup of tea.
It's a very different outfit for Salma and I do like it and the color but I find it very casual.

i agree its a style that is unusually seen on lalla salma. she looked simple and pretty at the same time (except for the hair) :)
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lovely casual coutfit nothing i expect to see Lalla Salma wearing but she looks great,
the event is low key so i don't mind casual outfit.
What a pretty color on Salma. Is it a velvet caftan?

Yes, i think it's a velvet caftan, check the topic of Fez sacral music festival, I posted a video of the opening, and it's more clear, she also wore outside a velvet black cape.

I like the fabric, the color and the relative sober design and embroideries. The only thing I am not fond of, is the cut of this caftan, It would have been much better if it was more adjusted and less large at the top.
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Love this caftan, I think she doesn't have a caftan with this color, in blue yes, but not aquamarine!
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