Princess Lalla Salma's Fashion & Style, Part 3: November 2010 - June 2013

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as someone said previousely the traditional caftans is Lalla Salma game:)
she made a great choice with that green caftan i like that shad of green.
BTW i love how Lalla Khadija hold his little caftan just like her mom do.
isn't the same caftan she wore in Moulay ismail wedding and during her trip to Saudi Arabia?
the top part of the outfit is really nice but not the rest although I like the shoes.
detailing on the jacket is the best part of the outfit i don't care for the rest he hair is abit messy.the shoes are very beautiful .
I don´t like her hair. The jacket is nice but not the skirt.
wow...plain grey outfit but looks so gorgeous...thank you nice heels too
the jacket is lovely but not with the skirt.
I agree that her hair looks a little messy.
The outfit is lovely. Lalla Salma has got a great complexion.
i like the dress very much she looked very elegant.
I agree the black suit is very becoming, nicely tailored, and an overall good look for Lalla Salma; Sometimes dark colors make her look too pale, but I dont find that to be the case here.
I like it she looks so chic and fit
I love the red Marrakech outfit! The earrings are a favorite too-
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