Princess Haya's Fashion & Style Part 3: April 2012 - 2014

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that's a pretty dress on Haya she loos Fabulous.
Nice and practical LBD! Haya herself looked very pretty as well!
Thanks Xavi I wish see better pics. I like the thoub she wore it during the Dubai World Cup in 2008
this is a reapted dress,she wore that lovely dress during Tennis event i cant remember the date,so i am glad she wore it again she looks great.
Never been a big fan of that dress, it seems to be a bit too fitted IMO. The hair color does not suit the tan. I prefer her with darker hair.
Princess Haya looked lovely in red. I wish there were a better photo of the outfit.
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Cute hairstyle and it does suit her, make up is really nice. The dress color is great and I would've loved it if it wasn't for the cape.
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that's a great color nd dress for Princess Haya she looks radiant although i am not too much in love with the lipstick.
I'm not a big fan of this look ,,, the colour is pretty good ,, but the dress not too good , there is something wrong ,, not like the make- up ,, as I see not successful choice for her ,, thank you all for posting .
I lovve lovvve lovvvve her makeup and hairstyle here,
she looks gorgeous !
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