Princess Haya's Fashion & Style Part 3: April 2012 - 2014

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I liked her hair lately and make up ; nice simple dress
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I Think Princess Looks So Nice , The Dress Simple and Suits her well , Nice Hat , I Like Her Bag , is it Chanel ? it’s Looks Like Chanel
there is something off about this dress maybe the cut but the color is great.i like her hair too.
there is something off about this dress maybe the cut but the color is great.i like her hair too.
For me, it's the side panels; I never particularly liked that "wrinkle" effect.
I do love her hair (and hat) as well though.
The blue dress is a great color but I don't like the style or cut. It does nothing to Haya's figure, the gathering details waist down don't flatter her. The slight gather on the bust area is silly IMO.
Haya is wearing pink and orange today, I do love her hat!
I don't think she is back to her style. The dress underneath looks really pretty, lots of gatherings on the top part. The jacket looks good with the dress. I must say I love the color and it is a color she doesn't tend to wear. The pink hat is lovely, love such big hats on her. Hat color is very eye-catching and I do love the hat color with her outfit.
Today she is beautiful I love her hat and the dress and jacket are perfect for her.

She recycled today her shoes and handbag. I think as Dazzling big hats are perfect for Haya.
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I do not prefer those short jackets she tends to wear them a lot ; but agree nice new colors !
Big hat was nice suits her pretty face. But I didn't personally like such a strong pink with orange (matching his tie?) The skirt on the dress was a nice style but a bit too sheer on her type of figure.

So far her outfits are not good IMO though she is at least dressing a bit younger. Surely she can afford a better stylist?
What a fabulous hat! She can really wear it. Love the different pinks, also love it mixed with the peach jacket, as much as I can see of it.
i loooove that pink hat it must be the most pretty one in the ascot this year.:)
not fun of the jacket but the colors combination was lovely Haya looks fresh and young.
Love that she wore a daring pink hat with an orange outift! Adore the look!
I love the pink hat and the orange outfit! The hat suits her so well!
nice Ascot the blue one better..thank you
Princess Haya's ensemble is lovely. The hat adds an edge touch to the look.
What was she thinking today?, the jacket is ugly and I don´t like the hat.
That jacket is horrendous; it makes her look a couple of sizes larger than in real life.
The hat is pretty ugly and doesn't go with the rest of the ensemble at all.

Full view

Christian Dior Couture Spring 2012
Her outfit is actually really pretty but a pit it was not changed a bit to suit her body shape. The sleeves on her, also on the model is not flattering.
I love her hat and I personally think it looked really good with the outfit.
Even though I don't like the sleeves of the jacket, this is a winner look.
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I don't like the design of the jacket or the sleeves. I think the hat awful and does not match at all.
Pretty ugly outfit, don't think anyone could look well in it, the model certainly doesn't
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