Princess Haya's Fashion & Style Part 3: April 2012 - 2014

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I think she looks better than the model. It's an unusual outfit and the hat is strange but somehow I can't hate it.
I really loved the pink and orange ensemble on Haya. Very summery and the had adds inches to her height. I must say I prefer her in fitted clothes. being so short, the more material she wears, the more 'lost' she appears in its folds. I didn't like the black and white dress for that reason although Haya has an hourglass figure suited to that style - she just needs to be about 6 inches taller to wear the dress rather than the dress wear her.
Sheikh Mohammed seems to have problems with his feet, he has been wearing orthopaedic / MBT-style like shoes for a long time.

It does look odd with this dresscode though

No necessarily he has a problem, MBT's have been quite an "it" thing for sometime in the UAE. The Al Nahyan Sheikh's have been seen in them over the past few years and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed.
I dont understand the oversized beach bag nor the skinny jeans. Overall she looked quite neat.
she looks nice,I like the skirt and shes.
yes right the shoes similar , Now The wedge heels Design very Common in fashion , Princess Haya Looks simple Nice , The Picture Very Lovely , Zara looks so Confident on the horse , Thank’s for Posting Salma , xavi83
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i love it i think she looks realy nice nice nude shoes go well too
ha ha ^ so cute... :heart:

I liked Haya in that red pencil skirt. I mean, she looks good in red, she should wear red more often IMO.
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