Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 12: March 2015 - November 2015

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Charlene looks effortlessly chic - the colour, fabric and style of the outfit is beautiful and perfect for the time of the year.
Totally underwhelming outifit, and below my expectaction... The cap was:ohmy:. She looked like she were ill! Not her best look. I wish she would wear Armani again and look fabolous like she did when she first attended the National Day in 2010!
Mmn I like this look. Charlene will always surprise us with her interesting choices.

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Very lovely, however I do not like the cut of the shoulders. It makes her shoulders look even bigger almost as if the dress didn't fit correctly there. Otherwise, very very nice.
I will say that she was appropriately dressed for the occacion. The color and fabric was GORGEOUS, but that I'm afraid is where the praise stops for me. The cut of the dress is unique and the tailoring is very nice, but this dress does not flatter Charlene at all. She already has some stunning clothes, why not recycle something. The hat/cap is kind of goofy looking on her also.
Hip, edgy and cool. No longer a fashion follower - the risk taking continues. Did anyone figure out what the brooch was?
She nailed it! The best appearance of today!! Simple, yet so chic!
The colour, fabric and hat are perfect.. the Hemline and the seaming are GHASTLY.. so a 'fail' from me.
Love the color and the outfit but the hat was a total miss IMO.
I really don't like her pixie haircut - much prefer her with a longer styles it softens her appearance.
not in my opinion her greatest monaco national day appearance.
Every line is so cutting edge and the hat reminds me of the Roaring 20's. Too severe a look. Not at all feminine.
My guess is that the dress is by Akris. I liked sleek simplicity of the ensemble. I wish Princess Charlene diluted the look with a touch of beige.
I love the dress and the hat - very edgy. I just wonder if maybe sheerer (is that a word?) tights would have been better?

In the photos posted of previous National Day outfits I have to say my favourite was the very first.
The purple dress is beautiful but I don't like the hat.
In general, I like Charlene's National Day outfit. Love the color and the drop waist style of the dress. I do wish that the hem was the same length all the way around but since it is not a huge difference, I will over look that part. I think I like the hat - haven't quite made up my mind yet. It does have a 1920's vibe to it. Unfortunately it also brings to mind the swim cap I had to wear for swimming lessons when I was about seven. Of course, with Charlene, that would be appropriate.
P Charlene looked just so chic and elegant today. Quite the opposite from her sisters-in-law! I particularly liked the colour and the overall style of her outfit. And not many ladies will be able to pull off that hat quite the way she does!

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I thought her outfit was a huge statement piece(if that makes sense). I loved it. Loved her cloche hat as well. I don't find this style of hat to be the least bit severe. And I much prefer it to her new hairstyle.
I didn't care for the outfit. I thought the uneven hem was odd looking and the hat was just awful. All in all, not her best look.
Not very nice... and the black hosiery.... a big miss imo
A simple, elegant outfit for Princess Charlene at today's National Day, November 19 - nice colour!
** Full view ** Upper part **

I just had a conversation with someone about how we are a mere 4 years away from the 2020's. We were ruminating about the Roaring 20's, and here comes Charlene looking like she's wearing a cloche hat! :flowers: The whole effect feels 1920's, and not in a bad way either, just very much that flavor. I rather like the cloche. Wouldn't mind it coming back into serious fashion. Certainly better than the pointless fascinators. ;)
Lol, Lady Nimue! I love your comments, but I fail to see the fashion sense of either 'hat'!! :) I find Both to be pretty bad and certainly not flattering to the wearer.
Lol, Lady Nimue! I love your comments, but I fail to see the fashion sense of either 'hat'!! :) I find Both to be pretty bad and certainly not flattering to the wearer.

Well, thank you! :flowers: Nice of you to say. You may be generally correct about this particular hat (it has inexplicable white netting) and doesn't sit totally like a cloche, of course. With the right bone structure cloches can be quite fetching, I think, especially the beaded, crocheted and jeweled ones. In fact, that's where I think all the jewels should go (rather than tiaras). :flowers:
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Apart from the white netting I love everything else about this outfit. She has her own style and always looks stunning

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The color is nice but full view of the outfit is a miss.

The hat with the netting is not attractive, especially with the extra netting sticking up on top.

The uneven dress and the extremely large seam that matches the flow of the unevenness of the dress does not add anything to the dress.

The coordinated colors of her outfit is nice.
I especially like her gloves but the hat and the seam are what make the outfit a miss.
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