Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 12: March 2015 - November 2015

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Welcome to Part 12 of the thread for Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style!

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** Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 11: November 2013 - March 2015 **

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Prince's Palace Monoco said:
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene on the balcony of the Palace watching the Friday procession, where the Christian community of Monaco celebrates Christ died for his salvation.

This is the Brotherhood of Penitents of Mercy which annually organizes the procession on the Rock. A tradition dating back to the thirteenth century and the Pilgrims who returned from the Crusades.
Great photos and Charlene looking positively glowing wearing a beautiful threequarter length black waisted 1940's style coat with grey satin lapels:

The coat and shoes were perfect for the occasion and looked very elegant. And as for Albert and Charlene, they both look lovely standing there holding hands. Very romantic. :in_love:
I dont like the front part of the coat. It reminds me of velvet black robe with satin trims. The trims on Charlene's coat are a bit too wide IMO. The back view and detailing of the coat is very pretty.
I love the coat and the shoes, I think that Charlene wore this coat during the funeral of Nelson Mandela.
The coat was beautiful and elegant! She really rocked it!
Very elegant with a sort of late 1940s feel to it.
A very elegant look. Motherhood suits her style.
Love the coat, she looks absolutely perfect...who is the designer? Maybe Armani?
Not totally in love with this coat but I do like the styling of the back. Her eyemake is more pronounced than usual and I think it suits her.
I love the coat. It's very elegant and lovely.
I read somewhere that the coat is Dior and she's worn it before. Not keen on the front but it's lovely at the back.
I dont like the front part of the coat. It reminds me of velvet black robe with satin trims. The trims on Charlene's coat are a bit too wide IMO. The back view and detailing of the coat is very pretty.

Exactly my thoughts on the front part of Charlene's coat. It also looks rather clunky to me. Charlene herself looks good though, and quite elegant.
Very casual outfit on the Princess,not sure about the cape looks like HSH may have borrowed it from the Cathedral's choir master!
Isn't the cape from her last appearance before the birth? On the national day in November? I adore/love her style in her last few outings!
I like the styling and draping but I hope we aren't returning to Charlene's favourite Fifty Shades of Beige with occasional bit of black for light relief.
Looks like a choirboy robe. What's the deal? :ermm:
Is the white collar part of the cape or part of her shirt/blouse? I can't tell, but I think it might be part of her cape. I'm not a fan of this look but it's not awful. I'm also not too keen on her hair, but it does suit her.
The overall look is nice and chic, but the cape isn´t my cup of tea.
Well thank goodness she is wearing some jewelry but i do love the jacket so soft looking ...
I don't like how the bottom part of the jacket is constructed but she looked good. I think the look was more suitable for a rock and roll concert though:flowers:
Interesting but I dislike the jacket.
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