Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 19: May 2023 -

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A nice outfit for the Rolex Masters final.
Charlene at the opening of the Monaco model building section at Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany today, April 25:

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A nice black and white look on the Princess for the Monaco E-Prix.
I don’t like zip Tops, but I love the cargo pants. She has the figure for them
Charlene at the inauguration of the new fire and rescue boat of the Monaco firefighters today, May 4:

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And at the award ceremony of the International Dog Show that same day:

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Princess Charlene at the 10th anniversary event of the Champagne & Oysters CC cycling club today, May 5:

HSH is looking amazing these days, long may it continue.
Can’t say I’m a fan of the cape/poncho in her latest appearance, but agree she does look well and I generally prefer her recent fashion choices.
Please use the current events/news thread for discussions other than about fashion choices. Thank you!
Charlene wearing a special suit during a ceremony where Prince Albert was awarded the insignia of Commander of Agricultural Merit in Paris yesterday, May 14. A bit of colour, I like that it's not blue, black or grey ;)

The princess' suit in Paris is horrid, I like absolutely nothing about it.
The color, cut and fit of that pantsuit does absolutely nothing for Charlene. It's the first time in many months that I have not loved something she has worn.☹️
It was quite a prestigious occasion so I expected a lot better from her, but at least the children were turned out well.
Not one of her best looks and hopefully the suit will be left behind in Paris!
I agree. We are now used to the Princess showing such flair and this look is underwhelming. I think the blouse underneath particularly spoils the outfit.
Charlene at the Operation Poseidon charity event today, May 22, perfect for the occasion:

** Full view **

I so love it when she wears her hair with a full fringe. She looks very good in her nautical outfit.
With her current hair she reminds me very much of Kim Cattrall.
I so love it when she wears her hair with a full fringe. She looks very good in her nautical outfit.
I'm liking Charlene with the slightly longer hair ,its suit the Princess.
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The Princess looks lovely,nice outfit and hairstyle.

She looks fabulous. I think this might be one of her best looks ever.

Lovely color, fit, the off the shoulder style really suits her. I like how the shoes and belt match. And I like her hair with a little length.

The pants might be a hair long, but that is such a minor quibble for such a great outfit.
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