Crown Princess Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 3: June 2012 - July 2013

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Crown Princess Mathilde during a visit at the Government House in Bangkok on March 18, wearing a dress with a great colour and nice and interesting cut:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Bag ** Shoes **
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Looks better w/o the ugly had she had at the wedding. Nice earrings help too.
Always loved that dress, I'm glad she repeated it. Great color and style.
Maybe it is just the camera angle but it seems that the dress gathers and the way and placement of the bodice to the skirt makes her waistline look very wide and gives too rounded of a look to her abdomen.
Very nice outfit. I love the cut and style of the dress. I don't mind the color either.
She looks so pretty. I love the dress.
:previous:Thanks a lot for those watermark free pictures! What an incredibly tasteful dress :D. Firstly, its "under the shoulder" sleeves optically widen Crown Princess Mathilde's petite shoulders quite advantageously, then a vivid flower border creates a 3D- viz. two layer effect, "hovering" gracefully above that white zone and ultimately, a miniature v-neck renders the upper edge less severe than the hem.
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Not liking this gown. Bad fabric and I agree that it looks outdated.
Outstanding. Unstated elegance.
I thought Mathilde looked very elegant tonight. I also like her clutch bag, brooch and tiara (let's just say I basically like the whole outfit). :)
Stunning appearance, Mathilde rules silk satin draping! Her pin and tiara hair also perfect, never better, gives a Princess Grace vibe. Would love to see more pix and rear view, love the train
Beautiful!, I love when Mathilde wears one shoulder dresses, my only tiny nitpick is the detail on the waist, it makes her look a little wider but other than that she is absolutely stunning, one of the best dressed tonight!:wub:
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