Crown Princess Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 3: June 2012 - July 2013

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The dress is gorgeous, love the colour, the cut, the neckline. It's a perfect neckline for that necklace.
I think there is a bit too much blue going on... the dress, the tiara and the makeup. Maybe, if she had opted for grey or beige make up it would have looked better.
Were her shoes blue as well?
And it comes for a person who loves blue ;).

The blue evening gown was by Armani. As everyone is saying here, the Princess looked fab!!!! One remark: I did not like her hairdo. About the daytime engagements: the wedding day outfit was OK for me, but after reading the discussions, indeed the dress is not perfect in detail. It is when you see from further away. So, my guess is that the Princess has to look for another dresser. I have not the impression that she is dressed well for daytime engagements.
This dress is ok from the waist up. In other pictures, it looks as though it was designed to make the stomach look big, with color and draping. Must be natan?
I dislike the print of the dress.
The dress is nice but I admit, I'm more interested in the earrings. Which I covet.

I also covet the royal blue evening gown she wore to the Luxembourg wedding. And the jewels.
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She looks flawless!!
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I love this - Ladylike yet not frumpy. And those earrings are GREAT with the dress. She also looks like she is enjoying the look- I like it when women OWN their look.
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The BRF attended a concert tonight at the royal palace.

Mathilde wore this simple cocktail dress. If this dress had been in a real color I'd love it. As it is, I like it.
I love the pattern, colour, cut and style of the dress. Mathilde has such an innate sense of style that I am beginning to think she would look chic in a sack!

I love this - Ladylike yet not frumpy. And those earrings are GREAT with the dress. She also looks like she is enjoying the look- I like it when women OWN their look.
You are right, she does own her look. Not so much fashionable as ladylike and because of that she doesn't seem to fall into the fashion "trap" of overly modern/cutting edge versus overly conservative/frumpy. She has always been the epitome of elegance and seems to exude a sense of casual unselfconscious confidence in herself that transcends such an ephemeral thing as fashion. Formidable!
Princess Mathilde certainly looks nice for this event, I like the dress and hair on her.
The dress is not bad but I don't understand the embellishments on the one shoulder that doesn't even match the dress.
iceflower said:

A great look in white and black for Crown Princess Mathilde at a concert in Paris this evening, October 31:

** Full view ** Upper part **

I think it might be the way she's standing in the pic above, but the dress seems to be bunching in all the wrong places. However, she looks radiant and beautiful!!
I normally don't like vintage dresses, and this one indeed doesn't seem like the best fit, but it's a pretty dress, IMO. The tiny purse is fun!
The fit could have been better, but it's NATAN after all, he can never get the fit right! the print is good, reminds me of Dior few seasons ago
She looks lovely in that dress!

This dress is a beautiful fit for her neckline/bone structure. There is something odd going on around the waist though. It is a very nice look overall. Black and white prints have been popular with the royals lately.

Yesterday evening, December 12, Crown Princess Mathilde attended a gala tennis event for Kim Clijsters in Antwerp, wearing a nice and elegant female suit in dark blue:

** Upper part 1 ** Upper part 2 **

Princess Mathilde attended a screening of the film Kinshasa Kids about street children in Brussels this evening, February 5, 2013, wearing a nice blouse, pants and a leather jacket - a good choice for the event:

** Full view ** Upper part **
She'll looking fantastic these days.
I am loving this look! She looks incredibly stylish.
She looks very trendy.
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