Crown Princess Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 3: June 2012 - July 2013

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Having seen all the European CP's this one is my absolute favorite, runners up going to Letizia and Mary.
Princess Mathilde looks absolutely elegant.
She looks nice; not in my top 5 but she looks lovely.
I think Mathilde looks absolutely beautiful. The only word that really describes her is: elegant.
Lovely gown. I would have enjoyds a more vibrant color, but this is in vogue.
Oh, this is really old-style glamour with the draping and I just love that train; so elegant. Her jewels are beautiful and, yes, she does have a Princess Grace vibe.
She looks absolutely beautiful. The gown is very elegant and classic. So stunning.
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Pure ellegance! The dress looks like a timeless Dior...
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She looks very glamorous I love the colour on her.
Crown Princess Mathilde looked very glamorous.

Crown Princess Mathilde at the Vocatio Scholarships 2013 award ceremony in Brussels yesterday evening, May 16, wearing a recycled dress in blue. Great colour!

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 ** March 2012 **

What a lovely color! I like this dress on her. I find it her "outside the box dress" its so different to what she usually wears. I like the fit, the colors and the print.
I have always loved that blue dress. Beautiful colors.
Maybe a few inches longer would be more flattering for her. All in all, very unflattering.

For the final concert of the Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition 2013 in Brussels this evening, June 17, Mathilde has recycled her Giorgio Armani dress from last year.

** Full view ** May 2012 ** Armani **

For a concert in Brussels this evening Mathilde has recycled the lovely yellow Natan dress - see stephanievl's post from May 31:

** Full view ** Upper part **
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