Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 27: June 2016 - January 2017

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a great outfit for both events. just a quick change of shoes.
the skirt is beautiful
a great outfit for both events. just a quick change of shoes.
the skirt is beautiful
yes I like the outfits won der why she choose to change shoes to flats? any problem with her feet? I saw her other day other event with flats too!
I suppose it was easier to walk around when you are going into an area with mud and stuff , for the horse show
This shade of blue is very becoming for Mary and the lace overcoat is really lovely. This is definitely a favorite of mine.
:previous: Makes a good "impression" (OH yes I did :eek: ).

And she even doubled down on the earrings.
A very beautiful look. I love that shade of blue.
I love both pieces especially the lacy coat. Gorgeous color !
I seem odd one out but not a fan of the lace coat. Gives me doily feeling :sad:

But Mary is stunning. The dress is great and color is amazing. Her hair and earrings lovely :flowers:
that is a lovely lace jacket where did she get that from ?
I loved Mary's hair and the teal dress, even with pleats which I'm not a great fan of and I didn't mind the lace coat at all. Not together though. Whether it was an effect of a busy pattern over an exquisite colour or perhaps that the lace would have looked better over a more subdued shade I don't know, but something jarred.
:previous: the color looks beautiful on her
Pink and minty dresses are both really pretty. Love her chosen jewelry too!!!


Pretty in pink and grey at a lecture by Stephen W. Hawking in Copenhagen today, August 24:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 **

Love both looks- especially the first one. But I love the pink too. The first look I like so much more than her brown coat a while back which would have worked for Siegfried, but not for Mary. Love her in the shades of blue and pink.
I really like today's look. Pink is a lovely shade. I am glad she went gray and not black. The softer shade and less contrast great for day time.:flowers:

Style wise I like today's, but the blue color yesterday won the color vote.
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Beautiful pink dress. I love pink with grey.
I'm not usually a great fan of bubble gum pink. However it does go well with grey, and the effect was both fresh and summery.
I love the pink dress, the skirt is so flattering on her and the shade of grey sweater is very pretty, hard to get that color right. The necklace and earrings make the outfit. Any Id on the dress?
Very lovely dress for Crown Princess Mary who attended the opening of the exhibition "Marco Grob - Iconic Portraits*" at the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerod, today!

Two more pictures from today:

Mary indeed looks very lovely. The dress is recycled and I like it. If you wonder about Mary wearing all these flower summer dresses these days? We have 27-30 degress in Denmark these days :clap:
The black dress is fantastic. Its a lovely print.
The black printed dress is lovely and its good she recycled it. Would've been nice if she had her hair up though.
Mary looks great. The look is fantastic.
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