Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 27: June 2016 - January 2017

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Welcome to Part 27 of the thread for Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion!

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** Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 26: December 2015 - June 2016 **

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:flowers: Happy Posting! :flowers:
New photo of Mary that was posted a day ago on Instagram:


The white dress is very beautiful and elegant. Mary looks fantastic.
Dress and hair are lovely :flowers:

But the pearls :ohmy: Sorry looks like she borrowed them from Camilla. May not be bad on her, but they are too much with that dress. The dress is too casual, reminds me of a Kate Issa dress. Camilla can get away with pearls with more casual, but in Mary's case it looks too much IMO. Ruins an otherwise lovely look for me.
New photo of Mary that was posted a day ago on Instagram:


The white dress is very beautiful and elegant. Mary looks fantastic.

This is a lovely wool wrap coat by Australian brand KitX. Beautiful coat but that choker looked really over the top with it, some simple necklace would be a much better choice.
I agree its not normal to see Mary in such formal jewelry for this kind of dress but I think she looks beautiful!!!!
This photo was from a photoshoot, which is quite different from her normal engagements out and about in Denmark (and abroad). I firmly believe that the choker was for effect in these pictures, nothing more, nothing less. I also think that she would normally not wear this choker with this coat/dress. She does look wonderful though.
:previous:Thank you Princess Gertrude. IMO since the necklace was worn for the photoshoot, it's fine. I doubt we would have seen it for a day engagement.
Agree! The necklace is a great focal point in the photo. Without it, the photos would have been a lot less interesting. And since she has only worn the necklace for formal, evening gala occasions ...I would agree that wearing the necklace for a daytime photo shoot was a one-off event.
I don't like the look. I'm not fond of the design.
Cute dress and shoes but I don't like the black,sweater, a white one would have been prettier. Looks cold!
The dress is pretty but matched with the black cardigan was too dark and heavy looking IMO, the tan wedges are lovely with the dress but not with the cardigan overall.
Not a fan of this particular look. The dress is pretty but not my favorite. The black cardigan ruins the look.
The cardigan may have been a last minute choice due to the very cool temperatures, rain and high wind. The dress is sleeveless (saw it on another message board). She chose comfort over fashion.
Cute. I like Mary in green.
Just perfect!! Beautiful summery looks both!!
Love the Burberry dress. Her white blouse is terrific, any Id on it? I guess her hairdresser isn't on this trip
White blouse is so pretty. I like the fabric on the floral but I dont like the dress. Looks like an old fashioned "church" dress.
Mary looks great in the white dress.
She always gets it right. Love the flat shoes so right for what she's doing so much better than the wedges Kate wears
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