Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 27: June 2016 - January 2017

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Mary looks lovely. She always dresses appropriately for each occasion. I love how she interacts with the children in such a friendly manner. She looks like she is really enjoying herself!
Great white dress fits perfectly and love the flats. Cute team look, she looks so tiny compared,to the athletes!

High waist blue denim looking skirt is total miss for me. I am not a fan of the top. Kind of looks like an awkward 90's baby doll :ermm:

I love the recycled dress though. Lovely print :flowers:


She looks chic in her white dress and flats. Perfect look :)
All her last appearances are perfect except the denim skirt, nevertheless fully convenient to the occasion. Full success. Kudos to Mary who is able at her age wearing a quite tiny skirt to go down in her knees and stay. Bravo.

@royal rob: Agree with you about Kate's wedges. I found stupid to appear in high heels and change after, especially for Kate who is really very tall. Mary is shorter but she "sacrified" appearance for correct occasion.
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Lovely beautiful movement

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The outfit is very beautiful. I love the skirt.
she has looked sensational in Brazil
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Today, Mary and Frederik visited the Olympic village, Danish athletes and Aussies too:

Again adoringly casual - I love that style :wub: Both F&M in the Danish official Olympic t-shirts from Jack and Jones. One of F&M's greatest strenghts are how folksy they are.
:previous: again she has looked fantastic in Rio. extra points for wearing the Danish Olympic gear ;)
I love the casual look too. Mary just pulls her hair back and gets into meeting ppl and enjoying it all
Lovely couple

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She looks wonderful. I love the coat.
I look the look, but the coat does not fit (check the arm length).
She looks good and I like the flow of the coat. Personally, the arm length looks OK to me but I haven't seen any other pictures to compare.
I like both pieces but not together. The dress underneath seems too light and summery for the coat she has paired it with.
The whole look was a winner!
The light coat is so pretty in color and fit.
Today, Crown Princess Mary has two official events.

First she visited the EM Championships for pony 2016 at the National Equestrian Sports Centre Vilhelmsborg. Looking very elegant and lovely and a skirt, a elegant white blouse and flats ballerinas. A bit 60's chic.

Afterwards, she conducted the official opening of the new school in Aarhus. Wearing the same outfit, but having changed the ballerinas with high heels and a blazer jacket on:
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Mary's outfit is very beautiful.
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