Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 25: June 2015 - December 2015

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I love this dress; she looks fabulous! I think the pale pinkish nude shoes are a lovely and unexpected choice for this dress.
The dress is wonderful! So elegant and sophisticated.
Yes. This is beautiful. Hair looks lighter today. The sun maybe? Really great shoes.
Very elegant! Very nice dress and shoes too! But isn't it cold there this time of year?
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I like the dress, the shoes not so much. Hairstyle is neat but not flattering and I don't like the orange-y hair colour.
Very elegant! Very nice dress and shoes too! But isn't it cold there this time of year?

The weather was extremely gentle in The Hague, around 16 degrees Celsius on November 5th...
Love her dress. Simple and tailored are always Mary's best looks.
. Mary visited the International Criminal Court in Den Haag today, November 5, wearing a grey dress with a special white collar:
** Full view ** Upper part **

I try to never cross compare royals in posts. But in this case, I want Mary to touch base with the Duchess of Cornwall on updated looks for dresses with white collars and/or cuffs. ;)
Love all her latest looks especially the pink skirt. Her posture is her best asset.
the hair needs help, too orange
Lovely outfit but not sure of her cape? I think it wouldve looked nice if worn properly or jeans.
I love Mary's cape (I think it's fine with this outfit, though I also think it would look better with jeans overall) and top though am not a fan of her skirt. It's just not my cup of tea.
great outfit, love it with the white blouse and pearl earrings
I love the top but not the cape or skirt.
can someone give us a close photo of the ankle black boots and the jacket?She really is fashion update those ankle boost are returning....Thank you!
The look is absolutely beautiful and elegant.
So appropriate! Love the necklace with the large pendant.
Mary again, looking beautiful in the hot pink top!
Love the white blouse

The pink one, the color looks beautiful on Mary.
I love these outfits for the trip to Senegal - perfect for the climate and the events and they really suit her so well. Also, these items are easily available to ordinary folk and would suit most women I think.
Overall Mary has looked nice in Senegal. I really like the photos of Mary with the children.
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