Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 25: June 2015 - December 2015

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Welcome to Part 25 of the thread for Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion!

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** Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 24: January 2015 - June 2015 **

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I really like this dress. Mary looks very comfortable, but still appropriate.

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I hate that dress but love her necklaces
The dress is very elegant.
Not a very pretty dress for Mary, but she looks lovely has always!
Wonderful dress for a summer outing with kids and horses.
Mary looks beautiful
The dress fit was unflattering but the print and color was great.
Summer dress for summer holidays. Love the accessories with it. Her hair has gotten quite long. I liked the look a lot.
I think Mary's outfit is great; it's summery, comfortable, and she looks lovely in it.

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The whole crew looked great! I do love Mary's casual summer style
I really like Mary's outfit! The color is very pretty and so is the print. Mary wears prints very well.
Mary is so pretty and you know I love her but that is the ugliest outfit. Just awful. Sorry!!
I love the color but not the print.
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Oh yes, the orange shoes. I will say that only Frederik could pull something like that off.

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:p Nice of W-A to send Frederik a pair of summer shoes in his favorite color. Wonder if Felipe, Haakon, Phillip, Charles, Guillaume, etc..have opened their gifts yet?

I like Mary's dress today. It's not really a summer shade IMO but it works with her coloring.
Nice dress but i don't like the color.
I think she was going to a fashion show as I recall the weird shoes as a nod to fashion.
Or an event at her fashion patronage, I cant remember what it is called
July 25, 2015 - Annual photoshoot

Mary looked great and the necklace was a great choice which added a nice overall look to the outfit.

Full look ** Back view ** Close up
I think Mary looked very nice. A good look for a photo session.

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