Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 25: June 2015 - December 2015

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Mary looks great in the black dress, though I find her hair slightly unkempt.
Today CP Mary, as patron, attends the Designers' Nest Award and handed over the Nest Award:

While I'm not sure how much I like this outfit, it actually looks quite nice... and Mary always manages to look lovely anyway ;)

EDIT: The more I see this outfit I have come to really like it, it really works! And the soft color combination is perfect for Mary.
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Mary visiting Designer's Nest fashion show

When looking back, Mary has always worn odd/spooky/strange/fashionvictim/ugly outfits when attending events around Danish Fashion week, this one is one of the better ones.
I agree for this event Mary usually wears "interesting" outfits, supporting young talent i guess...but i do like the coat thing and the color.

and Mary with a wonderful smile as always

Was there a reason all 3 ladies were wearing black?
Nice outfit on Mary and yes it's black but the style is very summery. Not a fan of the necklace but it does look good with the outfit.

Love the outfit and the pop of color on her long waistcoat.

I love the look. Wonderful color and style. One of her best looks.
Is the Fashion Week and i think Mary is interested dressed.
I quite agree, IloveCP!! Mary looks very chic and stylish in this outfit.
I love the tunic but the black is it a witches convention /uniform very unsummery IMO
I love the peach thing. She looks beautiful. I would love to see a gown made in that color. It is so pretty with her skin tone!!!
Always find that Mary wears more 'out there' outfits for these fashion design engagements which i guess is befitting the event but they still are not my favourite.
Mary's latest outfit is nice and the colours look great on her, though I'm not a fan of her shoes. They're a little too pointy for me.
Oh I really like this outfit.
Nice but i think that i saw it again. Is this dress?
Pretty in Pink. I always like Mary in pink.
I love the peach thing. She looks beautiful. I would love to see a gown made in that color. It is so pretty with her skin tone!!!

Yeah I love it too, different but great

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From what I can see, Mary looks nice and I love that shade of pink, it suits her. Her hair looks a little unkempt though.
Today, Crown Princess Mary visited the organization TUBA which was awarded the Crown Prince Couple's Social Price last year and participated in a group therapy session with the children of parents with alcohol or drug abuse:

Looking lovely and beautiful in a blue/white patterned dress:

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The blue dress is lovely. I love the color and style.
Beautiful dress perfect for the event.
That is a really pretty dress. Mary looks lovely.
Mary looks great - simple and professional. However, I do find her hair to be a little unkempt here.
Is she going Kate with her hair?
I think the other way round would be a better idea.
Agree love the dress I suspect the hair is a holiday thing will be cut to perfection comethe end of summer IMO
Lovely dress but agree about the hair looking a bit messy.
She looks very lovely and the dress fits perfectly.
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